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Shadow Hunters DLC

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[EDIT: Release date and price still unconfirmed...]



DLC coming next week for 400 MSP.

It's another multiplayer co-op mode, looks pretty similar to Lantern Run but with deeper gameplay...

Still dunno if achievements will be included.


Details on the new mode (<= click it!)

If you're too lazy to read it: Randomly generated dungeon with new bosses for ~15 minutes games.


Might pass on this, cause let's face it: Lantern Run was fun with friends for a few tries, and a good challenge to beat solo...


But this is 5 bucks just to get tiny bits of what the solo campaign was, and mixing it with the coop idea of Lantern Run...

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Found a preview of it [here]


At the time of the hands-on, there was no official launch price or release date for Insanely Twisted Shadow Hunters. However, when asked, Fuelcell stated that this DLC will likely be the last addition to the game.


It was announced in another interview as a september 13th release, for 400 MSP though.

Guess this one is right since it's still not released...

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Ugh. Why does it have to be another co-op mode? Yeah Lantern Run was fun for a short bit trying to get the 2 achievements, but I was really hoping for a new zone to explore for the single player. They could have tacked on something, like an epilogue with an all new area.

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