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Does anyone think Alone in the Dark is good?


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I ended up liking the game when i resumed it after a short break (at first i thought it was the worst game ever and shelved it) and got used to the controls. Liked the atmospehere of the game and that combining system. I have to admit that i probably would not have had such a good time with the game if i didn't look up things from guides.


I also had extremely frustrating time with the first driving sequence wish i had known about the cockpit view. It was so much easier when i did it for the achievement with that.

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Well, it was easy to net the 1000:gsicon: and it could have been a great game, if they would have put more effort in the developing of the game. There were a few great ideas in "Alone in the Dark", like the inventory, and the combining of items. But the controls and the countless glitches took a lot of fun out of the game. It could have been that much better without the numerous mistakes, and pointless parts that felt like they were only there to annoy the player. (Driving sequences, the f***ing goo...) All in all it's just an average game that had great potential, which sadly wasn't used.

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Yes, i like it! It's good or bad, but for me is survival horror game with realy good ideas and problems and errors which can be ignored. I enjoy that game and feel sad that no more Alone in the Dark after this installment.

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I tried it years ago and gave up when it froze on me early in the game. After hearing some positive comments, I gave it another go recently. I enjoyed it. Found that I normally kept it simple. Throw booze, shoot booze. And don't step in the black goo. You die when you get your shoes dirty. Worth $5-8 in my opinion.

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I got the game, i know its old, i think some parts are good, like the driving part, and some parts suck, like limited inventory, it also seems like a game, that can be easy achieved 1000g


Nope; I gave this game the title of Worst Game On 360. There are almost no redeeming qualities.

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