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Achievement Trading Thread (Campaign/Versus/Horde/Beast/Medals/Ribbons)

The Pants Party

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A friend and I are gonna be on at around 12.5 am central (~14.5 hours from this post).

We are doing Co-Op Campaign on Casual because we only have 8 hours and would like to run through it. Little breaks and no restarting/redoing sections for achievements. Message me @ GT: Chaos Lawyer if you're interested (looking for TWO).

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Picking up my copy of Gears 3 tonight at 00:00GMT. Will join a group of 3 to go through the campaign on any difficulty. If you're interested send me a message/friend request/game invite on Xbox Live (only send me one if you are starting from the VERY BEGINNING and plan to go ALL THE WAY THROUGH) -


my gamertag is CoolHwip1 and am in UK


Let's kick some Locust ASS!!!!:uzi:


GEARS 3 - Four Player Co-op - 02:00gmt - Any Difficulty - CoolHwip1

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Hey, i'm getting the game in about 1hr 12mins, (UK) so just looking for another 2 people to do the 4player campaign cheevo if anyones game? Send a message ingame to IB IB HavoK and/or x iKryp2nite x




(Quick question also, Can I play split screen with my friend and online with 2 others?)

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