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Achievement Guide + Roadmap


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I can confirm this is incorrect. I won my first season with Lotus in Career, and have only done 10 races in my second season. I just finished a co-op career season a minute ago and I got this achievement. The weird thing is the achievement never actually popped. I got 3 achievements for 100g pop up, which was Teamwork (30g) Keep Your Friends Close (20g) and Co-op Drivers World Championship (50G). I looked at my achievement because Natrlkilla only got two achievements compared to my 3 (which made sense) but i just wanted to double check the achievements. I looked and was surprised to see that I actually unlocked 4 achievements for 125G. For proof go ahead and look at my GT. You will see those 4 achievements unlock right next to each other.


i also unlocked it by winning the title with williams in single player and red bull in co op

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