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Misc. 13-14 A+ Setups


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level 13-9 picture isnt working. anyone have any advice?



I managed 20,655 on 13-9 on veteran which is just short of A+ (20,900). I cannot even get it below the line on expert.


edit: I just managed 21,451 on veteran on level 13-9 so anyone having problems on expert with this level switch it over to veteran.




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Giving back to the community. :)




For the people having trouble with this image. The bomb on the right needs to be 1 'snap' down from the top position it can be. It's a slight ajustment, but enough to be a failure or an A+ score. :)

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Ok I found a solution for 13-8 but I have to figure out how to get a screenshot from my phone. With my set up you get $3150,$3850 and $3350 from the bombs respectfully. You end on a height of 12.6ft and payout of $23866. I'll work on posting a picture tonight.


14-2? the posted tips aren't working unless I'm in the wrong spot but there is only 1 plus sign. Got it i just needed to add a delay bomb to the bottom leg that wouldn't drop. Now having trouble with 14-7

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