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Extra content not in HD??


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I was playing seperate ways and the cutscenes were poor quality compared to those in the main game. Even cutscenes which feature in both modes like the bell ringing are deffinatly not of the same quallity. Its as if they just left them in there original format and dint upgrade them. Has anyone else had this problem? Im from UK btw just incase it a reginal thing.

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As Separate Ways was originally from the PS2 port and that version had pre-rendered cutscenes, due to the console hardware, rather than the real time cutscenes the Gamecube/PC/Wii/HD versions have for the main game that would explain why the cutscenes look so horribly out of place when compared to the rest of the game.

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remember when you would see cut-scenes on old ps1 games and you'd be like 'wow imagine if the whole game was this detailed lol.

example final fantasy 7


mmm that was good watching a cutscene from the old final fantasy 7 loved all the cut scenes from that game and the HD edition of this game is a real nice touch havent got to serperate ways yet but i hope the cut scenes dont disappoint me was my favourite mode on the wii

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