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Game Breaking Glitch - Episode 2 Boss Battle


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I just found this out the hard way... :(


Your final opponent in Episode 2 is a huge floating skull who opens his mouth to spit 'stuff' at you.


Now, if your ball enters his mouth during the spitting sequence, it will get stuck, permanently. It also locks the skull in inactive mode - you cannot kill him, but he won't kill you either. I battled my way through all 30 levels and got stuck like this. I waited for 10 minutes before leaving the game. Remember you cannot save your progress? :mad:


Solution: Should this happen to you, get yourself killed. The 'stuff' emitted by the Skull kills you instantly, ending the game (at least in Barrier mode), so hopefully some of it is floating around, because if you don't kill yourself you'll be stuck and have to play all 30 episodes AGAIN.


Unless you want to prove me wrong and find out if something happens after, I don't know, maybe three hours? :ass

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