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Achievement Guide and Road Map


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My solution on getting the Obsessive Compulsive achievement. Its help a few of my friends unlock it also.


-I did every main job.

-Beat all race in first place.

-Found all jumps.

-Collected all cards.

-Found/bought all recipes & schematics.

-Completed all 9 job board missions (the 2 sewers dont count).

-Did all field goals.

-Played Mutant Bash TV, after the main mission. (not sure if this raises the OC achievement progress, but it never hurts to try.)

-All of Stanley race deliveries (mail).

-Play all mini games (not sure if the wingstick game counts but i did it) (you dont have to make it past the hardest/last level of each - just do on round of each and make sure to cash out after every round to receive credit)


I believe you should have 128/130 while doing 'Assault the Authority Bridge' job. Once turned in you should have 129/130. Portman will give you the final job after the Assault on the bridge, to get inside the Authority building and plant the chips to uncover the remaining Arcs. After you complete the job you will get the Obsessive Compulsive achievement will pop along with the difficult achievement.


Hope this helps.

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meon, why do u have to do mutant bash after the main mission?


Dont know if you have to do it to raise the OC percentage. But I played an extra episode after the main story job, since they ask you to play it again after the main job.

Maybe that extra round counts, I never really checked it out. But I got my cheevo by doing everything on that list & it helped out other friends of mines also.

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To get the "Obsessive Compulsive" achievement, do you also have to do all of the Stanley Express jobs? Because I'm having difficulty finishing the $200 deliveries, just as I round the bend on the last one the time runs out.


Not sure if it counts towards the achievement progress, but I completed it. As seen in the post I did above (post #128) on how I got the achievement.

But the $200 race isnt hard, just be quick & trying out once to know the general locations of the mail boxes.

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Rage Cup - 50http://www.xbox360achievements.org/forum/../images/site/gp-g.png

Win all races in the Campaign


There are a total of 26 races in the game


There's 27 races (16 + 11), not 26.

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I didn't see it posted in the main achievement guide but since all the other kill achievements had a notice on them I thought it should be mentioned that the Mechanocide Achievement for killing 100 enemies with sentry bots, sentry turrets, or RC Bomb Cars is ACCUMULATIVE!!!


I got this while doing the distilery mission where you have to put the jars in the machine & all the mutants attack you. Saved right after putting the second jar in & backed myself into a corner facing the gaurd rails, stairs, & that center pillar. Put an advanced turret in front of me & a advanced sentry bot to the left of that & got both those achievements in one deployment then waited for the latch to open & reloaded. Took just about 3 minutes to get this including load time as you get around 20 to 25 kills per reload.


Same thing on the run over 10 mutants. When you do Assualt on Authority Bridge just save as you make the turn to where the mutants are & then run over them & reload, rinse & repeat till it pops.

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True, same applies to the "Silent But Deadly", "Decapathon" and "Open Minded" achievements.




As for the races, it should be mentioned that there's actually 30 races:


27 races (16 in Wellspring / 11 in Subway Town)

1 "Dusty 8" sponsor race (Wellspring)

2 races against Starky (1 in Wellspring / 1 in Subway Town)

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I have a question. When I booted this up on day 1 there were no guides to look at yet, so I just started out on hard. I'm now about 4 hours in (just after the first Mutant Bash TV episode) and want to know if it's worth restarting the game on campaign or just finish this play-through and do a second play-through on Nightmare.

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I'm trying to get the 'Master Chef' achievement and after reviewing the video, I noticed I missed the adrenaline one in the outrigger settlement. I went back but i'm lock out, yet your guide says that it is NOT a miss-able achievement. How do I get back in?


You can't re-enter the Outrigger settlement once it's closed. You need to reload an old save or restart the game.

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im currently on the shrouded bunker quest, im at the 2nd part in front of the room where i have to send the rc car in to blow it up but i can't see where the car can enter from?




@im following tygers collectable guide, at what point should i attempt the achievement for beating teagues highest deck?


also do u have to beat the guy in wellsprings at cards too or does beating teague count alone, what i mean is do u have to beat the guy in wellsprings as well as teague or just teague?



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