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Achievement Trading Thread (Co-op Partners)

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Always love a game of Dead Rising, and am willing to help people get achievements/finish the game while I attempt to level up a bit (lv 25, currently)


Just send an invite.


Despite what it says, my GT is now "Mentski" - I changed it earlier this year and someone else has regged my old one since.

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i am looking for a co-op partner for all co-op challenges too. already got all gold for single ones and at level 50. please add me on XBL. thanks!


GT is XBuzzard23

It is 07:00 Atlantic Time and I will be on in about 3 hours. Committed to knocking this out co-op and will stay for the duration. I am / completed level 50, all SP challenges gold, "six digits", all combo cards, SUV, car, and bike unlocked. Have over 6 million in cash if you need anything. Think mic is essential and will be using it. Dressed as Ninja, not sure what costume game will allow me co-op.

Will bring all boost magazines; 2 photo, 1 drinking, 3 gambling, 3 combat, 2 horror. Will bring 6 shooter. Lets git er done.

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Looking for a mature partner with a mic dedicated for all of the co-op achievements thats available to play 8-9pm+ CST during the week. I have already completed everything else in the game except the 100k kills so I do know what Im doing and have good strategies for the challenges but am obviously open to suggestions.


If you can meet the times and want to help out, send me a FR and msg saying youre from here for DR2.


EDIT: I have them all finished up now

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I will post this here and in the trading thread for the future.

I am more than willing to load my game save for alpha vs omega, (currently waiting on time for the purewal would need a test profile to see if it pops as I already have it)

I only ask for a co-op challenge in return, just one not all 30. I will just go down the list as I get people to help me out with it.

You can friend request me but make sure to include a msg about what it is about.

I'll repost when I am at the Purewal make or break point for someone to see if it pops.

Or a partner to run through all the co-op challenges would be good also. I have completed them all in single player. Would like to knock them out asap.


GT: Wi11y x360a

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