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Achievement Trading Thread (Co-op Partners)

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hey guys, i need a partner to grab GOLD on all co-op challenges!

I've got gold on all singleplayer challenges and pretty much know how it works, and which ones are gonna be annoying!


only problem is, i don't use a mic. so if anyone's cool with that and wants to help, I'm usually online. hook me up at XBL. cheers


GT: Nao or Never

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I'm looking for a person to do 4 co-op achievements with, 3 are part of the Sandbox challenges and 1 is for killing 5 psychopaths in co-op. I've finished all the single player ones with gold rating. Currently level 46. If someone is interested in doing this on friday anytime after 12 pm (noon) pacific time, please message me on XBL. I would prefer someone who has also golded all the single player challenges and is also somewhere in the mid to upper 40s in level.




- l Ortega l

(The bars are lower case L's)

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Looking to find a co-op partner for the sandbox challenges. I already finished all of the single player ones so I know what to do to complete the rest. I have already got 12 Golds on co-op with a friend but am sick of waiting to finish the rest. I will be on tonight all night so join me if you'd like...thanks.

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Just need help to finish off some co-op challenges. I've unlocked them all, done all of the single player ones, i'm level 50 and finished the main game. Will help with other challenges if needed. The ones I need are:


Slice and Dice

Walkway Waltz

Rowdy Riders

Picture Perfect Partners

Standing Room Only


Like i said, i've done them all on single player so I know2 what needs done.


My gamertag is Spectre Tali and im on GMT.

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can someone help me with the challenges? im lvl 50, finished all single player so i know the strategys i only need 7 more until i get full gold. message me my gt is demonjjf2


the challenges are


Boom goes the Dynamite


Peeps Show Peers

Walkaway Waltz

Flaming Friends

Long Road to Victory

Clogging the Pipes

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I need help with all the co-op challenges, and the 5 Psychopath kills.


I have a level 50 character, and have golds on all the single player challenges. Also, I have my PC set up next to my 360, so I can look up things to help get this done sooner.


I have saves for Purewal Memorial Cup and Alpha Vs. Omega. Also, I can help with the original Dead Rising 2 for 360, if you need help with that.


If interested, message me on XBL. Thanks.

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