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75 PP Sticker Guide

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My advice for this first 25 is, using the guide, start at Royal Flush, move to Slot Ranch, then finish in the Food Court. This'll net you the [Photo Album] achievement.


Now, as for the [Award Winning Photography] achievement, there are more than 75 PP stickers in the game, so you don't have to scour for every single one, though I was almost through most of the areas and just got my achievement. This is just what I've found so far. Remember, when scanning for stickers, the meter at the top of your camera's HUD will spike when one comes into frame, even from pretty far off.


A couple notes:


- Doing this in co-op, we found that, if we weren't the host, our stickers would not save. Also, progress on the stickers is not shared between the story and sandbox modes, nor between a game and starting a new game+. So, I'd suggest doing it on the hassle-free Sandbox mode.


- If you take some PP pictures, die, and reload a checkpoint, don't be fooled and be warned. You'll keep the pictures you took in your camera, but not the progress on the PP Stickers themselves.


[Credit to A S0T for helping me run around and locate these, who really just wanted to go play Hexic HD and teamkill in Saints Row instead. ^_^ ]


Click the (P) for the pic.


Royal Flush Plaza - 10

- On Exit sign over Safe House vent entrance. (P)

- On workbench inside Maintenance room outside Safe House. (P)

- On the 'r' of the stand's giant marquee. [The Dark Bean, R120] (P)

- On the Flaming Craps sign. (P)

- On the 'O' for the Casino Cup simulation machine's sign. [SporTrance, R112] (P)

- On the tip of the planter jutting out of the center of the giant sign for the store. [Antoine's, R203] (P)

- Stand outside Wily Travels, look up over the pawnshop across the way, and it's on the blimp's cockpit. (P)

- On the eastern beam of the sports car's display. (P)

- Center of 'M' in Roy's Mart sign. [Roy's Mart, R109] (P)

- Center of Zombrex "Health and Safety" poster in pharmacy backroom. [Roy's Mart, R109] (P)


Americana Casino - 9

- On the television monitors in the security room. (P)

- On the wall behind the 'n' in giant neon 'Rock n Roll' sign on northern end of casino. (P)

- Between the top of the wings of the orange biplane suspended just northeast of Bennie Jack's BBQ Shack. (P)

- Along top edge of Cash Me If You Can machine just north of Shots & Awe. (P)

- Along the inside of the closed cashier windows, inside the cashier room. (P)

- On the Snowflake poster, located to the left of the Platinum Strip exit between the Van Toolseng and Slot Ranch casino posters. (P)

- On the southern corner Purse Daddy machine among the group of them with the giant guitar on top, next to the blackjack tables near the Platinum Strip exit. (P)

- Atop the 'I' in Americana Casino sign outside casino near maintenance room. (P)

- Atop the 'I' in American Historium sign. [American Historium, A103] (P)


Slot Ranch Casino - 10

- Located in the palm of the statue next to the Cash Me If You Can machine near the entrance from the Platinum Strip. (P)

- In the middle of the counter behind the bar. (P)

- On Bibi's poster to the left of the stage. (P)

- On workbench inside Maintenance room backstage. (P)

- On restroom sign outside restroom hallways. (P)

- On the bulletin board in the security office, inside the cashier's office. (P)

- On the Monster Moolah machines south of the stage near the blackjack tables. (P)

- On a Barnyard Bonanza machine's logo just south of the entrance to the food Court hallway. (P)

- On a directory sign hanging from the ceiling just before Food Court hallway. (P)

- On ceiling, in the center of starburst pattern in halllway leading to Food Court. Coming from Food Court, it's the 5th one. From the Casino, 2nd one. (P)


Food Court - 10

- In the middle of the Food Court globe atop the information booth. On the side facing the Slot Ranch Casino hallway. (P)

- On the sign at the Slappy statue's feet on the central stage. (P)

- On Buffalo Gals poster outside kitchen. [Wild West Grill House, F101] (P)

- On a box in the freezer. [Cucina Donnacci, F102] (P)

- On top of the cake display near the cash register. [Cheesecake Mania, F103] (P)

- As you enter, it's on the decorative orange lollipop along the top of the left-hand candy display. [Lombardi's, F104] (P)

- On knight statue in back. [Hamburger Fiefdom, F105] (P)

- Behind the Fancy Picture on wall. [Rojo Diablo Mexican Restaurant, F106] (P)

- On the Hungry Joe's Pizzeria sign over counter. [Hungry Joe's Pizzeria, F107] (P)

- On the soda fountain behind the counter. [Speedy Expresso, F108] (P)


Platinum Strip - 9

- On the Fortune City directory map outside the Arena's doors, to the right. (P)

- On the souvenir stand's sign, between the 'V' and the 'E', outside the Arena. (P)

- Look up between the giant 'TIR' flag, the smaller 'Special Event' flag, and the 'Y' in the Fortune City Arena neon letters. It's in the window, near-invisible to the naked eye. (P)

- On signage for the first group of machines as you enter from the Strip. [Cash Gordon's Casino, S102] (P)

- On the edge of the counter below the blender behind the bar. [Juggz, S103] (P)

- On the decoration on the middle of the cinema's marquee. [Paradise Platinum Screens, S104] (P)

- On the cardboard display for Megaman 2. [Paradise Platinum Screens, S104] (P)

- On the 'A' of the Moe's Magination sign. [Moe's Maginations, S105] (P)

- On the stamp of the postcard-shaped sign for the store. [From Fortune with Love, S107] (P)


Fortune Park - 4

- On Fortune Park sign between Fortune Park and the Platinum Strip, located above the reflecting pool. (P)

- On the nose of the alien marking Uranus Zone's entrance. (P)

- Atop the Atlantica Casino sign. (P)

- On the 'N' of the Fortune City sign on the south side of the stone path in the center of the area. (P)


Silver Strip - 3

- On the 'V' on the Silver Strip sign between the Strip and Fortune Park. (P)

- On the stage behind Angel Lust's sign. (P)

- Above the 'Yucatan' in Yucatan Casino's sign. (P)

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Yucatan Casino - 10

- On the torso medallion of the Mayan statue as you enter from the Silver Strip. (P)

- On another Mayan statue, above the Lucky Marble game in the center of the casino. (P)

- On the signage for the Single Deck Black Jack machine in front of the tiger enclosure, above the motorcycle. (P)

- In the mouth of the carving above the tiger's habitat, behind the tiki torches. (P)

- On the whiteboard in the kitchen. [Baron Von Brathaus, Y101] (P)

- On the decorative carvings above the right-hand elevator near the bathrooms. (P)

- In the room with the underground entrance near the bathrooms, on the control box. (P)

- Above the entrance to the hallway leading to Shoal Nightclub. (P)

- On a Megaman 10 machine on the southern end of the fire pit area. (P)

- On the northern side of the fire pit. (P)


Palisades Mall - 10

- On the Yucatan Casino sign leading to the casino. (P)

- Between the 'a' and 'n' in the Shanks sign. [Shanks, P107] (P)

- On the center, white surfboard on the wall behind the counter. [Beach Body Swim House, P105] (P)

- On crotch of male bodybuilder's poster in back. [Flexin', P104] (P)

- Inside the central grotto's first floor, located above the archway behind the bar. (P)

- On the Slappy poster outside the store. [Kids' Choice Clothing, P209] (P)

- Above the pawnshop's banner. [Army Surplus Giftstore, P208] (P)

- On the blue, hurricane painting. [The Cleroux Collection, P210] (P)

- Inside the display case, on the kite shield, in the back of the store. [Ned's Knicknackery, P204] (P)

- On a Uranus Zone poster to the left of the Atlantica Casino entrance. (P)


Atlantica Casino - 5

- On the Reed & Roger poster above the Magic Stage's northern entrance. (P)

- On the front of the mermaid clamshell base. (P)

- On the desk with the monitors in the security office. (P)

- On the western leg of the poker table in the Poker room. (P)

- On the torso of the Poseidon statue at the entrance from Fortune Park. (P)


Uranus Zone - 10

- On the central beam for the UFO Crash ride, behind the alien's head. (P)

- In the center of the giant robot's forehead located above the store. [Bagged!, U105] (P)

- On the planet on the store's sign. [Space, U112] (P)

- On the centeral support for the Orbital Oscillation ride. (I'd take this one last for fear of accidentally taking a couple others in the same shot.) (P)

- In an alien's mouth, between a midway game and posters, across from the Orbital Oscillator ride. (P)

- In a shooting gallery in the Midway-a-Matron 2525, found behind the left-most back door. (P)

- On the 'O' in the Uranus Zone sign above the central maintenance room. (P)

- Atop west side of the central structure, in the center of giant insect-like robot's chest light. (P)

- On the east side facing the stage, just below the rocket sign and just above the grating. [Rocket's Red Glare, U110] (P)

- On giant mural, below the space hero's leg, just inside tunnel for Fortune Park exit. (P)


South Plaza - 4

- Over the light between the elevators. [Fortune City Hotel] (P)

- In the middle of the giant painting behind the check-in counter. [Fortune City Hotel] (P)

- On the giant statue's shield outside the hotel. (P)

- On the Maintenance Room's workbench closest to the Arena. (P)


Underground - 1

- Inside the harvester laboratory's research room, on the giant bronze pipe. (P)



Video for the 75 PP Stickers, by PowerPyx:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTCU9e8FJCc]Dead Rising 2: Off The Record - All PP Stickers Part 1 (Award Winning Photography) - YouTube[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQY1ivrFYUY]Dead Rising 2: Off The Record - All PP Stickers Part 2 (Award Winning Photography) - YouTube[/ame]

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I have trouble with two Stickers:


Silver Strip: Above the "Yucatan" in Yucatan Sign.


Yucatan Casino: On the signage for the Single Deck Black Jack machine in front of the tiger enclosure.


Can anyone help me? Also has anyone found anymore stickers in the Arena or South Plaza? Or anywhere else....thanks.

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Hey guys i have just finished a complete guide for this achievement showing video location for all 75 PP Stickers. Here is the link to part , there are 4 parts in total.

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xEO4eWrpsg0]Dead Rising 2 Off The Record Award Winning Photography Achievement Guide All 75 PP Stickers Part 1 - YouTube[/ame]

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Here is a complete Video Guide, it has been splitted into 2 Parts:


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTCU9e8FJCc]Dead Rising 2: Off The Record - All PP Stickers Part 1 (Award Winning Photography) - YouTube[/ame]


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQY1ivrFYUY]Dead Rising 2: Off The Record - All PP Stickers Part 2 (Award Winning Photography) - YouTube[/ame]

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