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Number 1 is now number 2 (10/16/11)


Getting Number 1  

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  1. 1. Getting Number 1

    • I didn't think it was still possible, I'm going to try and get it again!!
    • You've done the impossible...I will never try to get the number 1 nom
    • The number 1 nom is the reason I stopped playing LP2
    • WOW

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Well after months and months of sheer determination I finally did it. Playing hours here and there, giving up for months at a time and then coming back I would like to share with everyone that I finally got the NUMBER 1 Nom de Guerre on training mission 5-2 by beating the time by 0.007 seconds.


I developed a method of my own different than the ones used to get the previous times and I honestly had times that were around 7.3-7.6 but when I finally got 7.632 seconds I only beat it by a small margin (good for everyone else)


If your interested in my method PM me and I will share...I did not take any video ever because I honestly never thought I would get it, and I will never play that mission again LOL


I just wanted to share with everyone that some times ARE still possible. Even though they seem out of reach if you really are determined you can do it. MANY MANY times I doubted the possibility of attaining it and even posted in forums that it was impossible, but I stand corrected!!!!

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Yes I agree!!!


But I enjoying completing difficult games as opposed to boosting easy games just for gamerscore lol. It is MUCH more satisfying to me to actually "achieve" things when getting achievements. I don't avoid great games just because they have hard achievements, instead I buy the games I want to play and try to get all the achievements in them regardless of difficulty.


My toughest ones yet are:


Ninja Gaiden II

Lost Planet


Gears 1 & 2

Grand Theft Auto IV

Lost Odyssey


Hopefully I will add LP2 and GoW 3 to that list, but so far LP2 will far outweigh the ones above in time and effort lol, but skill on the other hand not so much. Nothing has compared to the difficulty of NG II for me so far.


Thanks for the congrats I look to join you in 1000 soon (or well I should say I have a ways to go lol)

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Yeah, I hear ya. I have some definite "fluff" in my list of finished games, but the most challenging ones is where the satisfaction is at (at least for me).


I've been staring at Dark Souls, sitting neatly in its case for about a week now. Gotta tie off some loose ends (RE 4) before I dive into what will undoubtedly be a very long and punishing game.


Also, check out http://www.trueachievements.com. Really helps put your "achievements" in perspective.

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Ive been to that site....I honestly don't like it.


It is so unorganized I feel. I can never just find a forum for a game and all topics on that game like this site..its like I have to search forever to find things on that site. Unless I'm missing something


And the trading thread is crazy...it just shows the most recent posts regardless of the game. How do you find anything on that site?

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This site is still my go-to place for forums and discussion, at least with the general gaming populace.


I use trueachievements.com to track my progress on games, compare against friends, and create and find boosting sessions. I will usually double-up if I'm creating a boosting session and post both here and on the other site.


Can't really beat these forums though. :)

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