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Darcie and Bob glitched?


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I've had this problem every single run-through on my game, and have only been able to remedy this once.


When Darcie and Bob reunite in the Hunting shop after 7:00, they seem to do nothing but hug and talk and stand around. I try to interact with them but the game won't let me. I run out, and they don't follow me. I can get all the say to the safe house, and once inside, I see their healthbars slowly drop cus they were left behind. If I exit the Safe House, they both still stand around in the shop. It goes on like this until I either say "Screw this" or keep trying until Katie dies. Only once did they decide to follow me as I passed the gas station, and that's the only time I've gotten the achievement.


Why won't they follow me out of the hunting store?

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