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Achievement Guide and Road Map (1250)

Xx Overkill VR

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Quick question:


You need to do the batman challenges once to unlock that 100% achievement right? Would it be best to do the challenges and the dlc challenges on playthrough 1 on normal? As opposed to when you're on your new game playthrough?


Edit: from the guide it kinda seems like the challenges are in a separate section from the campaign, can anyone explain this to me?

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I've spent the last 3 hours trying to get Perfect Freeflow 2.0 and noticed your guide is off, you're missing the Batarang (LT) for the combo. After doing countless tries I clicked on the video and noticed the guy used the Batarang, got it right after watching the video.


I didn't click on the video because I thought it would be pointless to see someone playing the game, you might as well correct that error in the guide to make sure no one else is missing 1 part of the combo.

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Thank you for the guide. How come it isn't linked on the achievement page? Also that page seems to be missing about 6 achievements.


Note: The PC version of the game has the Catwoman DLC as part of the original 1000G (no online pass function), and six achievements have been removed with some of the achievement values changed to make everything fit. The achievements missing from the PC version are:]


  • Forensics Expert
  • Distress Flare
  • Ring Ring
  • Gotham Base Jumper
  • Catch
  • 50x Combo


^ This is noted at the top of the achievement guide. As far as your first question, it takes a little time for the team to get everything linked up. Also, there is a submission process that the author might not have completed yet.

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