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Purewal Memorial Cup achievement right here


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I have Alpha Vs. Omega, Purewal Memorial Cup & Cramped Quarters.

Send me a nice messege to LIVE if you have completed game atleast once and want these. Only today for some! ;)


E: Im done with helping people, stop sending messeges please, thank you!

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I am thinking I may need some help on this as well...

If anyone can that be cool.

I would like to do this legit but I'm not too sure if I can get this by the sounds everyone is having.




I got a Purewall and a Alpha Omega save ready to go if anyone wants to get the ach's


Just send a message on Live


I just sent you a message :)

If you can help that be awesome.

Much thanks!

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I need someone that could help me with this achievement. I've played through the story 4 times, touching only OJ and it still won't give me the achievement. I'm online right now, and will be online from 8:00am CST tomorrow until about 4:00pm CST tomorrow. Any and all help is appreciated. I can either trade for Alpha & Omega, or could help with challenges.


Plz send message to GT : CryptZahmbie



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Hey x360a peeps! I got a load for alpha omega and purewal so if urs is glitches I can help for a few days before I unload the game. Wouldn't mind some help with coop challenges in trade! GT : FNSUITE GHOST


EDIT: Helped half a dozen of ya get em so far no problems/super quick. About to sell the game at end of week, so LAST chance for others. MSG me.

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LAST chance
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