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DLC glitch or just very unlucky?


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I was aiming for 4.4million points with 3 multipliers on and I was on the last wave. I was down to one enemy left and he was covered in blue flames meaning he was almost dead. As I was about to finish him off it went straight to the score screen saying I failed the mission.


How? Why? I wasn't close to death, there was no lag, and all the places I was supposed to protect had almost full health. Has this happened to anyone else?

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After reading a couple different threads relating to the huge buggy problems happening with the DLC, I am really debating on whether to buy this for the achievements or not. Is this a for sure bug/glitch or is it just coincidence that both of you have had this happen. I really am concerned with this... I do not want to waste my time especially if it is going to do this to me no matter what...

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