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Achievement Trading/Co-op Thread


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Anybody in the UK who has a mic and wants to squad up/PTFO please get in touch - Gamertag: mikejclarke


My K/D is on about 1.08 at the moment but recently i've been scoring 1.5-2.0+ on most matches. I'm wanting to play as a squad, communicate more and raise my K/D as well as help other people raise theirs.

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Tired of joining lopsided servers?


Good, cuz I am too. None of the DICE servers seem to be occupied and there are no owners to kick for no real good reason. There are some specific servers but a lot of good general servers to choose from.


I prefer objective games but I'm open to just about anything if there are enough people. I'm not very good, only rank 17 so far who got pwned by a rank 3 last night (on a lopsided server I might add). I live on the east coast and usually play 7pm-9pm Eastern time. Message me or join me, sometimes I'm putzing around on the empty servers trying to fly copters or jets.


gamertag: haZZmaTTaZZ

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Looking to boost ribbons in order to obtain the following cheevos


Vehicle Warfare

It's better than nothing!

1st Loser

Most Valuable Player



If anyone is interested add your GT below and we can set up a time and date. Im willing to rent a server for a day to get this done

Im UK based

I reckon 8 people will be enough to get this done


1. Smurfwedge








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Yo, looking to get:


Push On (easy difficulty)

Bullseye (easy difficulty)

Ninjas (easy difficulty)

Army of Two (hard difficulty)


Looking for European players (I am based in Germany GMT +1) to play during the day 9am to 6pm ideally, with a mic if possible!


Gamertag: DIPL0D0CUS


I havent played Co-Op yet so I still need all of these as well

Willing to give it a go but only available after working hours during the week (6pm onwards)

Weekends are do-able too at most times

Have a mic and Im UK based so timezone should be the same as we are on GMt + 1 at the moment as well


GT: Smurfwedge

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