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All That You Need To Complete Dead Rising 2: Off The Record

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Dead Rising 2: Off The Record is a pretty big game. Not as big as GTA 4 or Final Fantasy XI (or my penis... I'm a God damn liar...), but still pretty intimidating.


As with any game of this size, it's always nice to have any and all information available to you at all times. Searching through countless "Purewal Glitch" threads while looking for the locations of Zombrex, or having difficulty finding out where the hell those strange Security Keys go can be very annoying and a waste of your time.


That's why I have taken on the task of finding all of this information for you and keeping it all neat and tidy in this one little thread. So, peruse at your leisure and enjoy;


Your first stop, most likely; the Achievement Guide & Road Map. The most obvious choice for the Achievement hunter, but what better way to kick off the thread? Well, I did have a monkey but I lost it...




Low on money? Or, do you just need to find some Zombrex for your next fix? Then, indulge yourself in these Security Keys! Guaranteed to satisfy your every need. Unless you like blow-up dolls; we don't do that and neither should you. May the Lord have mercy on your soul. Dirty boy.



Perhaps finding the keys and trudging over to the Uranus Zone is a little too much effort? You want Zombrex, but you're not prepared to do that kind of leg work, am I right? Well then, Zombie Slayer, you need the list of Zombrex Locations! Ironically, you may have to do more leg work than finding the keys, but that's not why we're here, dammit!


Challenges. The bread and butter of Sandbox mode. If you have no idea how to complete one to Gold level, then step in to the back and drop yourself in to the Gold Challenges Guide (Revised)! Remember, the co-op ones are basically the same, just don't have an idiot co-op partner... Easier said than done, in my experience.



Who played Dead Rising? Hands up. Great game, true? But those survivors! I can't be the only person who questioned how idiots like that managed to survive an Outbreak? I can't imagine them being able to survive breakfast! Well, I think it may be Frank who causes every person's IQ to drop, as they are just as stupid here. For this game, you need the Leadership magazine. While you're at it, grab a few more and really reap the benefits! Not those benefits, the Job Centre isn't in this game. Anyway, go forth and Magazine Locations and Effects...-iply.


Fancy cheating Purewal Memorial Cup or Alpha vs Omega (or both, you cheeky sod)? I thought you might. You can do just that, if you like. I don't have any issues if you do, but you people do get the pink font, so think about that. Go on, think about it. Ah, what the hell, go and Trade for Purewal Memorial Cup & Alpha vs Omega!




Money. We all love it, but we'd like to use as little energy as possible in our quest to earn it. Maybe that's just me, but I know where I'd be looking if I wanted a huge amount of money in a short space of time; Easy Money Guides!




PP Stickers. Dead Rising's collectibles. If you fancy taking 75 pictures of stickers (and you might, there is an achievement for it), look no further than the 75 PP Sticker Guide!



100,000 kills. Excuse me, Gears of War 2 but get your achievement out of my game... Anyway, Capcom have decided that 100,000 kills would be a nice waste of your time, taking hours to accomplish. No, let's do it a different way; The Best Way.


100,000 KILLS


So, now that you've played the game for a little while, do you like it? Is there anything you don't like? Is Frank too fat; are the zombies too annoying; does it burn when you pee; do you dream of Rebecca Chang's face under a lawn mower; is this game not worth the disc it was printed on? You can complain about all of these (except one, unless you would like to talk to your fellow man about your problem) in The Bitching Thread!




That will be all for now, but I'll add more later and if you have any ideas, please let me know. Happy zombie slaying (That's the best I could come up with? Wow...)!

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Let me apologise for not updating this. I have just started my new job at Blockbuster and I've had much to do. As soon as I get chance, I'll go through and find more useful links to add to the guide.


I promise that I will not leave this guide to die, as we do need something like this to decrease the clutter in the forum. :)

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You should also include a link to my magazine list, which I am still working on.


ALL magazines and locations should be acounted for... right now I'm trying to backtrack and so something I neglected to do originally (and was later suggested)... Actually inform the reader what each magazine does and what it benefits (PP, Item, etc...j)

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I know, I know, it's been almost a year since I updated this! Let's forget about how useless I am at remembering things, and let's get this updated!


You know how I just said we should forget about how useless I am at remembering things? Instead, let's talk about it; I can't remember anything about this game, so I need your help. What am I missing from this thread? Is there anything that I need to include?

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OK, I've just bought the game again on the PC, and I've forgotten so much about the game that I'm actually using my own thread for help!


I'll be making sure that everything is still up to date, and if there have been any easier methods found, to round out this thread. I've noticed it's been stickied so that's fantastic!

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