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Professional Photographer- Written Guide


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This is a written guide to the PP sticker locations for those who can't or don't want to watch the video. All locations are given in relation to their on-map description so you can scroll your cursor over the map to to find them.


All credit for finding them goes to RA1NKING who's video can be found [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cqRnBVGD5Qk]HERE[/ame] and in the Achievement guide by echoes999 HERE.

The written locations go in exact order of the video.





1. Holding Pens-Loading Bay-1st Floor- East side just north of Storage Bay-


Grey Shipping Container near where you started and one container East of Survivor Hernando.

2. Holding Pens-Storage Bay-1st Floor-


North West corner facing Loading Bay, Yellow Zombie poster on the wall.


3. Holding Pens-Security Outpost-2nd Floor-


As soon as you walk in from the north door there is a blueprint map of the facility on the right wall.


4. Research Laboratory-Harvesting Room-2nd Floor-


While in the glass encased walkway above the harvesting area, look towards the center column from the southern walkway.


5. Research Laboratory-Refrigerated Containment-1st Floor-


From South door, take picture of central round machine.


6. Research Laboratory-Zombrex Research Lab-1st Floor-


From South wall take picture of upper laboratory equipment.


7. Research Laboratory-2nd Floor-


Facing West it is on one of the red and white "Queens Storage" containers in the corner of the area. (Zombrex Production Lab A will be behind you.)

8. Living Quarters-Living Quarters RR-1st Floor-


Zombrex Poster on North wall.


9. Living Quarters-Living Quarters A8-2nd Floor-


Left wall as soon as you walk in the door, poster of Texas.


10. Living Quarters-2nd Floor-


Keep climbing the stairs to the very top into the tiki torch area. Sticker is on the nose of the big statue.

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