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"SPEED HIGHWAY Restored" achievement glitched?


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My is fine no problem with every missions with both act sonics. Try delete save games and start a new game or recover gamertag to fixes achievement that only way do for now or maybe wait for patches but hard to know if they will fixes it. I got one game that got some glitch achievements in past and recover gamertag that fixed achievements :)


God bless you, I wish they bring it back to you.

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Ive been wondering what was happening, Ive beaten the game and had 3 achievements left, time eater one and the rank one and one secret one after goin through my achievements apparently I don't have GREEN HILL ZONE Restored! I'm so pissed I don't want to start a new game!

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This happened to me to, just now. Going through my achievements, I realised I had one more than I should. However...


The Hell with starting a new game just to do the zone again... it was PLANET WISP that glitched. It couldn't have been Green Hill, or Sky Sanctuary, no.... Planet bloody Wisp.


I'm sure as Hell not playing a whole new game just to re-do that Zone. Bugger that.

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