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Easy 1000?

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This Kinect title looks really fun and quite easy... the joy of exercising with the flare of adventuring!


It reminds me, too, of Kinect Adventures --- which really wasn't a "fitness" game, but you had to be quite fit to get golds on a lot of those courses/challenges.


I'm already very fit, so I plan on BLASTING through this as quickly as possible just to test myself and this game.


I'll report back with my results! ;)

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This game is just nonsense! I finally get it see my traveling push ups 30% of the time only to get to wall scales and after 10 minutes of doing them only having 2 register. What in the hell is going on?! Does anybody have any idea what the hell I can be doing wrong?
This is the same problem I am experiencing. I do 20 push-ups in perfect form but get no credit at all. I do 20 crunches---no credit. I do 20 wall scales---no credit.


The problem (at least for me) seem to be all the floor exercises/movements. I can do standing movements just fine---the Kinect recognizes my moves with only slight issues (perfect form but it gives me a "yellow" or "orange" when my last rep was exactly the same).


This game is easy (per se) but the poor Kinect recognition makes it impossibly difficult (if the Kinect doesn't recognize your movement, you get no credit and you can't progress).


I'm still trying to experiment with different angles/positions for the Kinect in order for the best recognition. Maybe once I find the "sweet spot" it'll make this flow much better.


I appreciate a strict-form fitness game, but it shouldn't be SO strict that it can't recognize the move when done correctly.

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It gets better when you get used to the game. But yeah the tracking is not good! Make sure that Kinect has a good view of you from start so your whole body shows! Look at the picture of your body on the screen and look at the color from red to green how good you did it. And you can learn how you should do it and do tweaks if the game doesn't like how you do it. Many of the exercises you can cheat a little on also, like doing pushup on you knees.


But to the question, easy 1000? I would say not really because of Mission Complete - Complete all circuits in Fitness Adventure mode. There are 55 circuits with 3 Exercises in each with light running between. At the end it's 30 reps per Exercise and you have do all! Add that the tracker can miss some also... But you can pause so guess it's not "hard" just takes time. The rest of the achievements are easy 500 crunches can take some time if you're not that good at it.

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So is this game worth a rent for 1000g? I see nobody on the site has gotten it so far, and I wouldn't mind making an achievement guide and roadmap for the game. I am in good shape. If the kinect sensor is that unreadable when it comes to the game then im no sure if I should get it or not. My kinect Sensor can see the floor pretty good, its below the TV so maybe that will help the performance?

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i tried the demo & it worked fine. however, i dont know how it does push ups. in UFC trainer, you had to face the kinect. thus you needed to be your height plus 6ft away from sensor. if this is the case. it wont see me as ufc didnt see my head & shoulders. if its done sideways, you should be fine. remember you need to be a minimum of 6ft from front of sensor. so if it wants you to face sensor for push ups. then you need to add your height to 6ft from sensor. so if you're 6ft tall, you need to be 12ft away.


hope this helps :)

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