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I doubt you'll find much information or proper reviews about this game, so here's some basic highlights if you're thinking about picking it up. First, it's a port of the Wii version that came out in October. If you're able to find a blog or YouTube review of that version, most of it will apply here.


I won't explain the rules of PIR, because that will make this post too long. Sorry about that, but feel free to ask for clarification.


Pricing Games


According to the manual, there are 29 different pricing games. There are 39 episodes in Single Player, so I'm assuming 10 of these are the same game from different years. I definitely played 80s Plinko and 90s Plinko, with the dollar values and board design changing accordingly.


Single Player


The gimmick is that you're archiving a box of unlabeled PIR episodes from 1972-2011. Each episode contains exactly one pricing game. When you beat the pricing game (get to the showcase wheel), you unlock that episode to play again. You also get to jump right to that pricing game at any time, which will help for those game-specific achievements.


You start at Contestant's Row and have six chances to make it to the pricing game. You will need to consider the year of the episode in your price guesses (That year is shown at the start of the episode. The set also changes, which is a nice touch) You'll then play the pricing game, spin the wheel, and play the Showcase if you win the showdown. If you win the Showcase, you'll also unlock a bonus video for that episode.




Couldn't tell ya because - hold on to your asses - no one's playing this online. The good news is that there is a server (or room) browser, so it should be easy to link up with friends or others from X360A to get the multiplayer achievement(s?)


Kinect Support


First, it's not covered in the manual, so this is mostly from experience with two games. Second, it's not supported in Single Player proper. You'll need to launch the "Kinect Party" mode from the main menu. The cover says up to 2 players are supported here.


In Kinect Party, the game picks a random episode. You'll play through it, but in a slightly dumbed-down version. Bids on Contestant's Row and the Showcase now become multiple choice from 4 options (who knows why...). Your avatar also wears a permanent gleeful look on their face, which never changes. You can't unlock anything in this mode.


Other than that, it's what you'd expect. The interface for doing everything follows the standard "hold your hand up and wait for the circle to fill." There are no voice commands. I will say that I found Plinko and the Showcase Showdown wheel to be MUCH easier to control here - the sticks in regular single player seem way too responsive. However, it does not appear that you can select a specific game here like you can after unlocking it in SP. I also don't know if you can get game-specific achievements in this mode.


Also note that I haven't played games like Hole in One, the punching wall, or the one with the big dice, so I don't know if there are specific motion controls for them. Hope so.


In summary


I'm not going to tell you whether to buy it or not, because that clearly depends on how much you care about PIR. Hopefully you have an idea from above if you're interested or not. It does seem like a pretty easy 1000G if you want to rent it. Many of those game-specific achievements are based on luck, but you can hammer on each game once you unlock it. Be aware that you WILL NEED a Kinect to get the full 1000G.


Please ask if you have any questions. Send a PM if you don't get an answer... I don't check here that often. Also happy to help anyone get their multiplayer achievements.

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Quick update on the online multiplayer:


It follows the same format of one round of Contestant's Row, one pricing game, one Showdown, and one Showcase. Everyone participates in all four. Instead of failing at any of them, the price of the prizes you've won (or bonus money for correct guesses) gets added to an overall show total. The player with the highest amount at the end wins.


Every player also plays the pricing games at the same time, either through picture in picture, or on the same board. Plinko for example has multicolored chips the players drop at the same time. I can also say that the sound of four Showdown wheels spinning at the same time is the devil's ringtone.


It's actually handled really well. At the end of each game, players can opt to jump right into another and keep the group going. Three major flaws though:


1) Multiplayer doesn't show the year before the game. You have to guess by announcer or set design. It definitely matters... just played a game where the Showcase was six nights EACH in San Francisco, Hawaii, Vancouver, and Japan for around $6200. We were all way off.


2) As the host, you cannot trigger a game to start. If you set up a 4 player match and have only 3, too bad. The game will only begin when all 4 slots are filled, even if all three players are marked Ready.


3) Multiplayer picks an episode at random, and they seem to be complete episodes. Prizes, prices, and all. Two of us literally played the same game one after the other. Be aware that this will affect both replayability, and ability to win (if someone remembers the prices from a previous game).


Also note that there doesn't appear to be any multiplayer Kinect options. Those multiplayer Kinect achievements seem to be local only.

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Another big flaw in the game would be the Showcases (especially for 2 players).


Instead of, like the online Facebook game does, not showing each players' bid on the showcase before you can place your own, each player bids all in a row, like in Contestant's Row. This easily allows people to one-up your bid for an easy victory.

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Another big flaw in the game would be the Showcases (especially for 2 players).


Instead of, like the online Facebook game does, not showing each players' bid on the showcase before you can place your own, each player bids all in a row, like in Contestant's Row. This easily allows people to one-up your bid for an easy victory.


Well the constestant row thing is really like that in the show

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