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Secret Terminal in Halo Waypoint and how to get it :)

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Just found out there is a secret terminal called the 'Threshold' terminal (Which i believe is the name of the Gas-Giant seen from Halo)


To unlock it you must

-Unlock all terminals in the campaign

-Write down the symbols which appear at the end of each one (Pictures of the symbols below)

-Start up Halo Waypoint

-Press :xbut: button

-Press the buttons on your controller that correspond to coloured circles that appear on your screen

-Enter the 5 symbols from then end of a terminal


Do this for every terminal and you'll receive

-7,000cr per terminal (37,000 for the last one)

-The terminal to watch in Halo Waypoint

-The secret 'Threshold' terminal after entering the ten sets of 5 symbols


(I don't take credit for finding this :L)



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This won't work for me at all. I have all the terminals. I have all 3 of the achievements. I even went in and re-watched all of then from the extras menu. I load up Halo Waypoint press X. Press the buttons on the controller. Then enter any one of the codes. Then it goes red and says I need to access the terminals on the installation. I tried moving my save from from the mem stick to the hard drive and that didn't help. Not sure what is wrong.

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Ummm... I just entered all these codes (I already got all the terminals in H:CEA), and the awarded credits took me into the 'Captain' rank. But the achievement didn't pop. :( Bought some items from the Armory that required the rank of Captain, but it still didn't pop.


Glitched achievement?

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I figured out what the problem is. I played it offline at a friends house. I assumed Halo Waypoint would just read my save file. Instead I actually have to be connected to XBOX Live! and have Halo Anniversary loaded so it uploads my data to the servers. Guess I will have to wait until my friend can bring the disc over.

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How do I enter the symbols? I just discovered the last of the terminals tonight, went into Waypoint and hit X, and a bunch of colored balls come up. But I can't do anything. Every button on my controller either does nothing, or goes back to the main Waypoint menu.


EDIT: Nevermind, figured it out. Anyone with the same problem, the instructions left this out: The four colors correspond to the four button colors on the 360 controlller. Press them in order from left to right and it brings up the symbol entry screen.

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