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Achievement Trading Thread

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Anyone that has this game, I just got it from my gf, so if you want to play hit me up on xbox live.




It appears nobody has this game because when I do online searching, it takes 40 minutes to even find 1 player wtf. Maby for Christmas people will start getting this game, because it is fun kinda better than Monopoly. The game show on tv is really popular and they just started to advertise this game on tv during the game show.

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I'll be getting this game from gamefly soon (Shipped today). Would like to group up and try to knock out some of the Live achievements. Shoot me a message on here or XBL if you still need them too.


EDIT: Sent game back to Gamefly. I will re-rent it again in Feb. (When I can get it with my blockbuster Pass), and will be going for the last few online achieves then.

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I've got the game and am willing to trade / help with any of the achievements. Gamer tag is canadianbaconx3


Do you still have the game, by chance? I'd like to try and boost for the Online Plinko achievement, if you can.

EDIT: Nevermind. I traded it in today.

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