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100 games aren't counting


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Hi guys,


I got "30 games played cheevo" about a year ago. It is time to grind the game right now to hit 100 games played. Partially I will boost but I will also play the game because it is still fun.


Nevertheless I can't find how many games I did play.


As you cn see - there are "some" statistics, but they aren't complete:



There are even less info on official EA account of course.


My question is - are those statistics not counting anymore? Were they reset? Or they are just non-visible?


IS the cheevo still obtainable?

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Thanks a lot! Let the grind begin ;-)



Yeah got a little scared myself when I saw this. You can see a halfway point with the play 50 matches ribbon in the stats section on the main menu but between 50 and 100 is a guess unless you are marking it down. Usually most people get it between 20-24 hours of gameplay on the leaderboards.

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If you check http://www.battlefield1943.com/soldier and log in with your Origin details, it tracks your stats accurately.


Ive gone to the site you recommend. Logged in and under "Games played" it says 0. I all got the 30 rounds achievement and I am just missing 100 rounds. Hope the dozen rounds I play a day are counting. :confused:

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I had that same issue with trying get the 100 games. I felt as though it was not counting right. My cousin and I would play all the time and he ended up getting the achievement like two weeks before me and I played much more than he did.

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