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Get [The Know It All] with almost zero effort

Fire Hawk D

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So, been playing this game? Having a hard time getting this achievement without being a movie trivia genius? Well...you're out of luck. This solution isn't for you.


Are you scouting this game to decide whether you should pick it up? This achievement look pretty tough? Well, worry not. I've found a fool-proof way of getting this achievement before you even buy the game!


Download the trial. Now, when playing the trial, you can obtain achievements but you can't save them until you buy the full game. Why does this matter? Because, you can unlock this achievement in the demo. Still not convinced?


What if I told you every question is the EXACT same, in the exact same order, every time? Yep, makes this cake. You can even unlock other achievements the same way (I ended up getting 5 before I bought the game).


So, to make this even easier for you, here're the answer to the questions in the order they appear. And, for the final round, I've included the buttons to push to, as in this mode the answers are even the same, too.


After you get the notice that you've unlocked the achievement, either unlock the full game to get your achievements or continue on and get more beforehand.


Movie Clips:


-John Cusack

-Solar flare









Pixel Flix:


-They begin to lose their powers

-Captain America: The First Avenger

-Human Torch



-Chasing Amy

Pearl Harbor


The Town

-Point Break

Bram Stoker's Dracula

The Matrix


-Legends of the Fall

Ocean's Eleven

Mr & Mrs Smith

Inglourious Basterds

-Blade Runner

Working Girl

Patriot Games

K-19: The Widowmaker



-Saving Private Ryan

-Courage Under Fire

-Demi Moore

-Robert Redford


Movie Clips:




-Eric Stoltz


Quick Pitch:

-Star Wars: Episode IV (B)

-War of the Worlds (Y)

-Raiders of the Lost Ark (A)

-WarGames (B)

-Star Wars: Episode V (X)

-The Italian Job (B)

-A Few Good Men (A)

-True Lies (Y)

-Jurassic Park (A)

-The Bourne Identity (X)

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It does! And, since you know all the answers to the demo, you could also sit there and grind all the other achievements pretty easily. [The Know It All] was my 4th achievement. =P


As a note, it "saves" your achievements, so you don't have to act when the "buy it now to get achievements" screen pops up. Just keep gathering achievements, and then after you finally unlock the full game, hit play on the main menu and your parade of achievements will begin.

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I too have already purchased the game and obtained a few achievements before reading this. What I'm going to try to do is delete the game, use another XBL gamertag of mine to download the trial, then sign in as my main profile for the 2nd controller and try that. I'll report in a bit whether or not this still works.




Here is what I did

1) Delete game from hard drive

2) Sign out of main profile

3) Sign in as dummy profile (this is needed because you can't download just the trial to a game you already bought)

4) Go to Game Marketplace and download trial

5) Go to dashboard and go to the arcade trial in your game collection (don't play yet)

6) This is what I THINK made this work. Press the guide button and then X to "sign in". It should say that you are already signed in to your dummy profile, but select your main profile anyway. When I did this, it still said that it was an arcade trial.

7) Now play the trial, start a game up by yourself and proceed using the answers given by Fire Hawk D (I can confirm the questions/answers are the same each time)

8) At the end of the game you should have now answered each question correctly. Before showing the final score screen, it should show a screen with "The Know It All" on the left side of the screen and asking you if you want to unlock the full game to get achievements.

9) Hit X to unlock full game. It should say that your profile has already purchased and downloaded it, but click "Download Again".

10) I then hit "Play Now" and it prompted me if I wanted to exit my current game session. I wasn't sure if I should exit to the dashboard or not, so I did NOT leave the game. I simply continued to the score screen where it congratulated me on my new high score of 34000. I then hit B to return to the game menu. BOOM ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED.


One thing I'd like to add is I'm not certain if pressing "Play Now" and then refusing to leave the game session is necessary, or if you can just back out of the marketplace guide thing where you chose to download again. It's possible that it would still work if you hit Play Now, agreed to leave the current game session, go to the dashboard to load up the newly unlocked game, and hope the achievement pops when you get into the game menu. This is just merely what I did to get it. If anyone wants to experiment with the last few steps to see whether or not you can leave the current game and still get the achievement, please post whether or not that still works too.


I'm going to assume that as Fire Hawk D mentioned, you don't have to automatically unlock the game in case you feel like trying to get other achievements as well in the trial beforehand. I will say though that for some of them, it requires multiple players so you can "buzz in". I warn of this because when I first tried to see if this arcade method could work for a profile that already got the game, I had started the trial up as my dummy profile, set my main profile as the 2nd player (like I said in my original post) and proceeded to answer all the questions correctly, but after trying to unlock the game when the game was over (the screen showed up at the end talking about unlocking achievements, but this may have been directed at my dummy profile, not my main), the achievement didn't pop for me. This led me to believe that it couldn't work with multiple people playing. However, I COULD BE WRONG! Again, if anyone would like to try to see if they can modify the method I used but with multiple players, please post about your success/failure and what you tried for it.


What I'm going to try now is to start the process all over again, but this time go for an achievement I don't have that requires 2+ players (probably Buzz Thief). I'll make another post/edit if I can get that to work, thus confirming the possibility of getting the "multiplayer" achievements this way also.


EDIT 2: Just a funny side note, but my perfect score of 34000 got saved to the Leaderboards, which ranks me now at 6th. This may have been how some of the other 34000 scores were obtained (or they're just movie trivia beasts lol).

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I don't see how I can use this method when I bought this game on my brothers account. Because when I play the trial and get all the questions right, at the end menu when it prompts me to unlock the full version I have to buy it. I had his profile signed in too and when I tried it doing co-op it didn't prompt me to buy the full version at the end menu. I still went and played the full version and no achievement.


This achievement is frustrating me so bad.

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You've just answered your own question. If you purchased the game on a diff acc you still need to buy it on YOUR acc!! We're talking about buying it on you're profile or if you already have it... You can delete it and redownload it once you get the cheeve via the demo method


So for me to get this achievement using this method I'd have to purchase it on my account?

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So for me to get this achievement using this method I'd have to purchase it on my account?


So I'm pretty positive the answer to my question is yes.


I've basically confirmed that to get this achievement using this method the full game must be purchased on your own account. It cannot be purchased on another profile, even if it is on the same xbox.


Just letting everybody know so they don't have to go through the same crap I did attempting to get this achievement.


If you're even wondering why I didn't purchase the game on my account is because me and my brother share an xbox and his account is the one with a credit card attached to it and I usually use his to download marketplace content. It's usually not a problem because since it's the same xbox usually I can get the content on my proflie too.


I hate to do it but I'm so tempted to pay another 800 ms points just to get the completion for this game.

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I used my US acc to get this game as it isnt available in the UK..... I read this post and thought I could get this achievement but 1st I had to make another US acc to get the TRIAL demo again as it was already purchased on my main US acc.

Then I signed in on my main US acc (1st pad) to access the demo ready to unlock the full version again after going through the questions... I signed in on my UK acc (2nd pad) and played the game using the answers provided no problem and at the end when it says "PRESS X TO UNLOCK THE FULL GAME" I pressed X on my UK acc (2nd pad) and it says UNABLE TO COMPLETE REQUEST and the US acc controller/1st pad is frozen out when you are playing as 2nd player :mad:


I went to main menu and could then use US acc (1st pad) to UNLOCK THE FULL GAME AGAIN but the achievement DOESNT UNLOCK!!!!


I dont think your progress saves after unlocking the full version so trying to get the achievement using a different process after unlocking it wont work

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i just went through all the questions in the trial version, following this guide, unlocked and paid for the full version at the end and... NO ACHIEVEMENTS UNLOCKED. i've restarted the full version and everything, they are not popping. looks like i've just wasted points on this.

EDIT: well, i've tried prime8's fix now and it still doesn't want to give me the achievements for some reason. i don't know if the game thinks it's already awarded them, or what. i have an "Achievements- saved game" file on my HDD, but even deleting that and re-trying doesn't matter.


i debated about putting this game on my card anyway, so i guess this settles it. wish i could travel back in time and keep my points though.


EDIT #2: so, i finally got this to work by moving my profile to one of my other consoles and getting a trial for it that way.

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