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Level Solutions Guide?


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UPDATE 2: I would actually just recommend using Google/Bing and search for the five-letter answers using key words from the red cards. Just finished the single player campaign doing it that way.


UPDATE: The more and more I do this it seems like the game has endless combinations. The opposite of what I am doing may be possible. Instead of writing down the green cards and their solutions per level, writing down all the red cards and the possible green cards seems like an easier route. I am not sure I am up to the task (hence the "?" in the title of the post), but just an idea...


Once you get a green card, pause the game and look up the red card below:


Original post: "It might be nice to put up a guide for the solutions to the single player levels like levels 4 and up. And that point you have to "fill in the blank" for at least a couple of levels. I got stuck for a bit. The cards seems to rotate through though so if you can learn and memorize some, you eventually get lucky and can get past the level. I will write down the ones that I come across but there's no way I can get them all."


Here's a rough draft example-

Green Card: RED CARD




Cheesy: SOUND

Classic: PIANO

Corny: SWIFT

Funky: ?

Goody-Goody: BEACH

Grungy: GREEN

Laughable: MUSIC

Loud-mouthed: ?


Melodramatic: CAREY

Patriotic: ?

Quirky: ?

Trite: ?




Annoying: ?

Appetizing: CHIPS

Armed & Dangerous:?

Casual: ?

Cranky: ?


Deadly: LIONS

Dynamic: ROBIN

Embarrassing: BIRDS

Fast & Furious: BULLS

Feisty: ?

Ferocious: BEARS

Fluffy: SHEEP

Frustrating: MOUSE

Innocent: ?

Legendary: JONAH

Light & Fluffy: GOOSE

Plump & Tender: ?

Rambunctious: ?



Tasty: ?

Violent: SHARK

Wired: BUNNY

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Round 7:


Cruel - Fight

Sluggish - Koala

Revolting - Sewer


Round 8:


Big & Tall - Brett

Cool - Keanu

Comical - Billy

Enchanting - Grace

Goofy - Jimmy

Outlandish - Jerry

Sophisticated - Queen

Stately - Obama

Quirky - Ellen


Round 9:


Bizarre - Venus

Cosmic - Space

Interesting - Black

Intense - Milky

Loud - Sonic

Rare - Comet

Speedy - Speed


Round 10:


Comfortable - Lodge

Crazy - Skate

Hard & Fast - Tyson

Impressive - Grand

Solid - Green


Round 11:


Aromatic - Fresh

Captivating - Coins

Plentiful - Fresh

Slippery - Seals

Unrelenting - Shark

Virtuous - Seals


Round 12:


Bright - Flash]

Divine - Swiss

European - Paris

Fluffy - Daddy

Hard - Stone

Manly - Daddy

Phony - Phone

Round - Third

Saintly - Criss

Scandolous - Strip

Soggy - Canal

Sour - Tarts

Speedy - Mount

Stately - North

Tough - Rocks

Violent - Hunts

Wild & Wooly - Sheep

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