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Mysterious DLC?

Chief Fuglyhead

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I've played a few matches online today and have seen "Downloaded Content" appear on the bottom left hand corner of some of the red apple cards. If you check under the Unlockables menu, you can see that there are 2 DLC packs listed, but, as far as I'm aware, they are unavailable at this time. Looking in the Marketplace confirms this. In addition, again in the Unlockables menu, you can press the :xbut: button to redeem a code. There are 2 apple avatars (ninja and bumblebee) listed as being only available via a redeemable code. At first the selection on avatars made me think that this was somehow connected to the independent studio Ninja Bee, but poking around their forums didn't turn anything up. I'm having trouble finding any information about the XBLA version of Apples to Apples at all other than its' announcement and the release date. It's all very mysterious. Does anybody have any information on they can share.

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i call thq, and the guy there said the dlc isnt coming out until something after the new year, as for the codes he send to join the facebook page for apples to apples and that the info will be post there as well as twitter sometime in the next few weeks.

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