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Alpha vs. Omega, Purewal Memorial Cup Giveaway

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Greetings all!


I have a save right before each of these elusive achievements. Even if you just want to grab them to get them over with, or your stuck with the Purewal Memorial Cup Glitching on you, I am here to help.


I will be doing this as long as this topic stays alive. So the people who get this game for Christmas, I will still help. Note at the moment I only have the 360 version, hopefully getting the PC version soon as setting some saves up for it.


The only thing I ask in return, is help on Co-op challenges. Basically, if you just need one achievement, just help me get Gold on one Co-op challenges. I am almost done the single player challenges, so I know how to get them done. If I get you both achievements, maybe help me with two challenges.


That is all I ask. I am willing to help as many people as I can. Even after people help me get the Co-op Challenges done, I will still offer to give these out. I keep *most* of my games and I will not be selling this one for sure.


So please, drop me a message on Xbox Live, I prefer a text message until we get in game as I only ever put my Mic on when I am in multiplayer, just make sure your friend request or message has DR2:OTR in the title.


Also, feel free to send it to me even if I am offline. I will get back to you and we will set up a day/night to get these achievements for you.


Thanks all and happy Zombie Killing! :uzi:

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I just wanted to update folks on this topic.


I have gotten almost 10 messages so far, so that is awesome I will be able to help a lot of people. I just had a few things I wanted to mention to clear up future messages.


I work third shift from my home, 10:30pm to 7:00 am in the morning EST. So if you see me on at night playing a game, I cannot help during that time. I play single player games while I am waiting for calls to come through so it would be to hard to help people as I could get a busy section of calls for two hours or more.


So, I've been telling people the times I CAN help with this.


Between the hours of 6:00pm and 10:00pm 7 days a week. I am also off on Tuesday and Weneseday of each week, so I can help during various hours on those two days.


If for some reason you cannot join up with me during those times, send me a message and we can try and work something out. Anywaym just wanted to clear that up and keep the messages coming!

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For the OP, it’s great that you’re willing to help on this, however to anyone looking to get these on their own, it’s really not as hard as some on here are making it out to be. You don’t want to try it on your first playthrough but there’s no need to be level 50 either. Anything above 25-30 works just fine.


Denyce is actually very helpful as a companion. If you give her either an assault rifle or the six shooter she’s pretty deadly. All these people saying to leave her in a safe place to fight the psychopaths don’t know what they’re talking about. She actually did more damage to most of them than I did and as far as her health, when I played she never got lower than about 50%. After a battle just go find some food and heal her up.


The only thing to remember is when you go to the roof to battle TK’s helicopter don’t take her with you because she will be transported back to the safe house after. I just left her outside the safe house and by the time I got back she had only lost about 15-20 percent of her health. Remember to carry the leadership magazine with you and you shouldn’t have any problems.


As for the Purewal chevio, the first time I tried I didn’t get it. I don’t know what happened but the second time I used strictly OJ, nothing else, and I got it no problem. There’s plenty of OJ available so its pretty easy.


Hope this helps some of you.

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Everyone should direct their attention to JohnnyInterfnk for their achievement needs for it is he who has helped me today.

Edited by Elux
Achievement achieved thanks to JohnnyInterfnk
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