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TSG Dwaggie

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Here is the conversation I'm currently having with Tik Games regarding the glitches in this game:


From: Dwaggie

Subject: Mahjong Wisdom


Message: Just before Christmas 2009, your company (Tik Games) released

Mahjong Wisdom through Games For Windows Live. The game had 12

achievements, three of which are glitched, and after two years of having

bought the game (I bought this game on LAUNCH DAY), you guys still

haven't patched the achievements, which are glitched.


The achievements are "Recycler", "My Own Power", and "Motion Master".

Why does your company focus on releasing new games (Scarygirl), when you

guys can't be bothered to fix games you've already released? It's not

fair, especially as I paid for your game.


Are there any plans to fix this, or are there any cheat codes I can use

to unlock the achievements that are glitched and unobtainable? I try to

play games to completion, and currently, glitches your company have not

fixed are stopping me from doing so.


Please do not ignore this mail, and please contact me as soon as you

can. Surely putting in a cheat code to unlock those achievements would

take... three lines of code? Please guys, help out your loyal, paying



Thanks. Please respond.


- Dwaggie


From: "Amar Gavhane" <[email protected]>

Sent: Friday, January 20, 2012 12:27 AM


Subject: RE: TikGames Support Inquiry


Hi Dwaggie,


Thanks for reaching out to us. I'm sorry you're having problems with

Mahjong Tales. This is a known issue, and though it seems like a simple

fix, the actual situation is very complicated. As a result, we're not

able to patch the game. I apologize for any frustration this causes you.

We certainly appreciate our customers and their enthusiasm for our

games, no matter how new or old.



Amar Gavhane

Marketing Manager

E: [email protected]


Thanks for the response. However, you make no mention of these problems on your website, nor over two years have they been fixed. I do understand that Microsoft has to have developers go through a verification process for all patches and content for both Games For Windows Live and Xbox Live servers, but not only would a patch actually benefit Tik Games, by actually showing that they DO care about their previous games, but it would actually increase sales of the game, because of all the achievements then becoming attainable, and easy to achieve.


What is the exact reason that the game cannot be patched? Is it lack of money or budget to spend time on patching it, or is it another reason? Please explain, so that the people who have loyally purchased your game, on the understanding that it was a finished, glitch-free, polished product, can have a good reason as to why the product is not what it should have been.


Thanks for your time, Amar.


I look forward to hearing from you.


- Dwaggie


Hi Dwaggie,


You make excellent points. We'd asked our partner websites who also sell

the game to post information on their pages, but cannot control what

they do. As for our site, we may have had the information on there in

the past, but it could have been lost during a redesign we did last

year. I will ask the web team to update the game page. I'm not able to

share the exact reason for the inability to patch the product, though. I

appreciate your understanding.



Amar Gavhane

Marketing Manager

E: [email protected]

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