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digest mode true ending

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Just incase anyone else was wondering I found a post on another website that says u can't not get the true ending for digest mode. so u can choose any response and your light/dark does not matter. Your love rates don't matter ether because it automatically picks your bride and there child has love rate 5 stats, so not to worry like I have as I was moving threw with crappy love rates and uneven light dark rates.

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Never heard digest mode can't go into true end... It might possible some old stuff in the first game.


First game true end:

1. バシュタール left team on G4 and get back on G5

2. ディシャナ must join the team in G5

3. Enter G5 under 450 (500?) rounds

4. Enter G5 State Natural

5. Have all relation above lv 4


-G1 end light

-G2 end netural/ light

-G3 end dark

-G4 end natural/ dark


If ディシャナ not joining the team in G5 (state not natural), that might possible...

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