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MKAK - PC Version

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The PC version can be purchased from GMG. It has separate achievements from the XBLA version, so it'll be another 200 you can add to your GS.


If anyone has it, let me know and we can boost the Ranked achievements. Please send me a message along with your FR and tell me you want to play some MKAK PC.


The online portion is completely dead -- in fact, there's only 8 people on the Leaderboards (at the time I'm writing this.)

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Cool, thanks. I'll probably get the Steam version then since it's the cheapest but I'm curious about this one as well.




Edit: The game is up on the Games For Windows site as well if anyone wants to use MS points to buy the game.



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More gamers started showing up online tonight in Ranked matches and I was able to grab the 2 multiplayer achievements I needed.


If you need help yama, just let me know. That goes for anyone else as well -- I'm best reached with an XBL message, but I check PMs here too.


I just bought version off xbox.com and will probably need help so I'll hit you up for sure. Thanks!


Edit: I had to update GFWL to sign on Xbox Live and now I can't play the damn game at all...

I should have known not to download this right away since both this game and GFWL are known to have problems...

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Finally I got it to work, darn unicode thing, lol. If anyone is on the fence of boosting the PC version before GFWL shuts down on that date, hit me up.


I am guessing you probably already have the online achievements, if not I would like to get both of them. My gamertag is LJParnell, so let me know. I will try to send you a message as well.



I see that NeoStrayCat has the achievements, if anyone needs them for the PC let me know as I want to get them done and finish this game. My gamertag: LJParnell

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