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Easy way of beating Shang Tsung

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So I had to replay MKII cause "The Chosen One" never unlocked for me. Anyways as I was fighting shang tsung for so long and couldnt beat him again I stumbled upon a little glitch. When the match starts hold down to cover just in case he throws a fireball at you. When he walks towards you (you must be standing up now) mash the shit out of the A button and you will punch shang tsung in the face. Just keep mashing A and he wont even move, he just stands there as you kick his stupid ass. The first win he only hit me twice then I started hitting him and it worked like a charm so I decided to try it again. My second win I managed to get a flawless victory on Shang Tsung!! IF you time it perfect he cant move. Hope this helps!

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Can confirm that this method works, but very hard to pull off. Was able to pull it off the first round and defeat him, did it again the second time, until my character punches no longer reached him and was defeated. Attempted again but can not manage to pull it off again.

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