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DLC Impossible sp?

Darth Cuda

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  • 2 weeks later...

I did all the survival maps solo, not trying to brag or put you down or anything. It just takes practice and sometime some lucky breaks on the waves.


Hospital I did wave 70 solo

Swamp I did wave 62 solo

Settlement I did wave 54 solo


I tried most of these many time with 1-3 friends and we never broke wave 50. The mobs are actually easier to beat solo than in a group.


for Hospital and Swamp I use the following:

Selker Mk V

The Perforator in right trigger slot 1

BO-7T6 The Hole Puncher in left trigger slot 1

D-Pad Up Camo Shotgun Turret

D-Pad Down Super Shredder Turret

D-Pad Left Massive Mine Layer

D-Pad Right Piercing Sniper Turret


for Settlement i used

Honeychurch Mk IV

Massive Magnet Launcher in right trigger slot 1&2

D-Pad Up Piercing Sniper Turret

D-Pad Down Super Shredder Turret

D-Pad Left Dampening Generator Mk III

D-Pad Right Impeccable Collection Pad


Key to all of these are the Piercing Sniper Turrets... put them in places that they will hit lines of mobs.. protect them with machine gun turrets or shotgun turrets...


use mine near spawn points and protecting your bases, and alone well traveled paths. And collect that scrap as fast as possible.


Just keep trying :)

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  • 2 years later...
Is it just me or do the new levels seem impossible to solo? I made it to Mars with a team of 4 mechs when others joined. Maybe my loadouts were off though I tried many different ones.

I feel your pain, I did the main game solo and managed to get all golds but the dlc feels designed for co-op. I finally managed it using some of the newer items in the shop. I did it (after watching a Youtube vid for spawn locations) by using an assault mech with 3 death drizzlers and a broadcaster lazer from the shop. Unfortunately most of the methods I've read so far (including those above), always seem to use weapons got in later levels - they don't help at all. I also only loaded damper and flack emplacements and moved near them to help with the aerial enemies.

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