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Fast and EASY way for Online Achievements


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Hi everyone.

In case someone has problems with the Online Achievements, here is a easy and fast way to boost it. It has to be Ranked otherwise it does not count. Do the following Steps: go to,

1) XBOX Live

2) Grand Slam Corner

3) Singles (or Doubles)

4) choose any Court you want

press "Y" to create room

fill in a room name (has to be at least 3 letters)

Game Type "Ranked"

Create Room

5) press "RB" (right bumper). You now have youre friends list. Go to your friend (Boosting Partner), press "A" and Invite him to Room


Your friend will now get the invitation only on the game email account which he or she can get access to from the main menue or by pressing LT.

6) Once he/she joined create session with "X" and create Game session with "A". The invited player must now go on your name and choose join session.

When the match starts, (I always hit 1 ball) the player not going for the 10 wins quits and returns to the lobby. The winner does the same. You can check on your friend name and Statistic Card winning streak -1. You can now do it 19 more times (9 for you and 10 for your friend). The Achievement unlocks after 10 wins.


For the Double Ranked match you can do the same as above, but both can use a second controller.


Hope it helps a bit

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