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Official Item Trade Thread


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I just remembered i had this game, Honestly never played it. MY GT: ECO mhoops821. If someone could help me out i would be very appreciative. I'm about 10 hours into the game as we speak an it was my mistake not taking the master keys as a gift.. Oh well lol. My SL is 30. Add me up. I'm friendly :).

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I'm looking to just hold the weapons for the achivemebts. I will drop them again. I try to follow guides and craft them but I can't seem to do it right. Thanks


GT: SuagarlessStraw


Edit: Soul level is 409. I think that matters who can play coop together.


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Wondering if someone could give me a green titanite shard so that way i can make me longsword into a magic longsword Or more to get it to +5 so i can make it an enchanted longsword. I would really appreciate it. That also means i would need some blue titanite shards. to get it to enchanted +5


SL: 30.


GT: ECO mhoops821.


I don't have much to give, But i'll give whatever i can.

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GT - Futuramaforlife


I'm playing the PC version with gfwl so I don't know if the servers are shared between the 360 and PC. I only need a titanite slab to finish my lighting weapon and I need these weapons for the Knight's Honor:




Priscillas Dagger

Moonlight Greatsword

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Okay I need the following for Knights Honor:


  • Cursed greatsword of Artorias
  • Dragonslayer Spear
  • Greatlord Straightsword
  • Chanellers Trident
  • Black Knight Greataxe


If anyone is willing to lend them to me that would be great. I do have a spare Moonlight Greatsword and soul of Smough if anyone wants to trade. I'm on NG+ and my SL is 107. Message me on xbox live if you can help. My GT is NINReaper

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If anybody has anything useful they don't need, even items: I have a lvl 8 I invade new players on and gift them some useful equipment if they're new to the game. Any donations would be welcome.


I have a red sign soapstone so I can be summoned provided you are a higher lvl than me (:p) and haven't defeated the area boss somewhere (can be summoned in Kiln of the first flame if that's the only area you have left)


So if you're a high lvl player with many duplicates or things you don't need, send me a message if you feel like helping the new free games on gold players.

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I'm looking for a good soul to share some weapons.

The weapons I'm missing are:


Crystal Ring Shield (got the soul so I can forge it later)

Chaos Blade (got the soul so I can forge it later)

Dragon Bone Fist (got the soul so I can forge it later)


Greatsword of Artorias (Cursed)

Greatshield of Artorias

Dragonslayer Spear

Darkmoon Bow

Great Lord Straightsword


All are boss souls weapons. I might be able to do some more as I'm running through ng+ and collecting the souls again.

Also, instead of weapons I will accept remaining boss souls. I should be able to forge what I'm missing.


Currently I'm in Anor Londo before the fog gate to the twins. I'm at SL140 on NG+.


I have everything else needed for an achievement so I can exchange anything.

Please, message me here or XBL. My GT: plesniaczek

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I'm SL 91 on NG+ just looking to hold the remaining 9 weapons for Knight's Honor. I need:


Moonlight Butterfly Horn

Dragonbone Fist

Golem Axe

Dark Moon Bow

Dragonslayer Spear

Cursed Great Sword of Artorias

True Great Sword of Artorias

Great Lord Greatsword

Priscilla's Dagger


In return, I have and can drop all "best weapons," (crystal, fire, chaos, etc.)


I can offer other things, as well. I appreciate any help. My GT is codsucker.

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hey guys, Even tho I play this game for some time already I still feel kinda new to it. Anyone could help me getting knight honor cheevo ? Got most(??) weapons you get by cutting tails + Cursed sword of Artorias. Need all the rest now. Could anyone help me get this by borrowing me stuff ?

+ I would be grateful to get few hints from more experienced player if anyone would be so nice.


GT: CrazyBabyAdiS

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need Darkmoon Blade, Gravelord Sword Dance, Great Heal, Great lightning Spear and Sunlight Spear miracles to get the 'all miracles' achievement.


NG+ SL 132


Happy to help with anything else needed.


GT: ChMarsh

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I'm SL 121, nearly done with the rare weapons achievement. I need the Channeler's Trident desperately, if you want/need anything else I'll try to help! I could also just borrow the trident if you like, I just can't manage to get it to drop from the Channelers.


GT: DocRevolt

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