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Official Item Trade Thread


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I'm looking to get my hands on 2 Blue titanite Slabs for the max enchanted and max magic weapons achievements, i've been farming moonlight butterflys and can't get one, and for the life of me i cannot get to the one in crystal cave. Please and thanks in advance guys, praise the sun!


EDIT: Sorry shouldve included this, Gamertag is the same as here, Shadeaux Dragon. I"m on NG+ and souls level 137

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I have everything in the game except the trident, I need it for the achievement. If someone will just let me pick it up for the chieve I'll give it right back and give you some stuff that you may need in return if desired. I have many items and minerals and such. I am a level 171.



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Can anyone help with this. Boss Weapons and Reinforced Weapons, I need someone to drop them and I'll pick them up and drop them back. Got someone to help in the remaster hoping for the same here.


Gamertag: plusathey

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