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Prices for each pricing game (WIP)


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1976 Hurdles


The Athlete

Hurdles : Win 3 Hurdles games on Xbox LIVE (any game mode).


Agar Prestige Bacon 1.39

Air Wick Solid 0.49

American Beauty Spaghetti 0.65

Baskin Robbins ice cream 1.65

Bavarian Mint 1.49

Blammo sugarless bubble gum 0.49

Borateem Plus bleach 0.95

Brittex 2.02

Buckwheats 0.64

Creametti Thin Spaghetti 0.87

Desitin Skin Care 2.29

Electra Sol

Golden Crown Lemon Juice 0.69

Hungry-Man 0.89

Ironweve Happy Leg Super sheer pantyhose 1.01

Lea & Perrin's Sauce 0.43

Libby's Fruit Cocktail

Liberty Cherries 0.69

Lindsay pitted olives 0.57

Liv-a Snaps 0.37

Merry Poppin’ Popping Corn 0.61

Morton's salt substitute 0.71

Orange Julius 0.55

Pop-Ice 0.53

Sargento Shredded Cheese 0.57

Shedd's old style sauce 0.59

Snow's Clams 0.55

Staley Syrup 0.63

Steero instant bouillon broth 0.39

Texsun Orange Juice 0.81

TV time popcorn 0.53

Wagner Natural Fruit Drinks 0.52

Wash 'N Dri Moist Disposable Towellettes 0.49


1977 Professor Price


The PhD

You are smarter than the Professor!


Chevelle Malibu 4815

Chevloret Chevette 3856

Chevy Nova 4721



1978 Punch a Bunch (Prizes in each hole are randomized)



You have won $50,000 in Punch A Bunch!


Edison Comfort Sensor 70

GE Iron 25

McCormick Shilling 45

Hamilton Beach food processor 160


Eureka Extra Suction Power 130

Amity two piece leather 29

Ruffit sculpture coat 30

Haggar slacks 36


World Book Encyclopedia 69

Toastmaster Toaster System 3 115

Haggar slacks (two piece) 60

Sarah Coventry jewelry 56


La Machine food system 120

Hoover Celebrity 2 220

Serene Highness pillow 11

Mirro broiler 26


Dundee towels 45

Toro shainsaw 70

Rappers shirt and jeans 25

Screwball tool 47


Mirror's cooking set 70

Master Mechanic 10 gallon vacuum 60

Maybelline makeup 39

Beacon blanket 35


Mary Kay's cosmetics 50

Imperial Knife 70

La Machine food system 120

La Contrefait perfume 30


Mother Goose Shoes 90

Dazey home products 93

McGraw Edison heater 105

Lamplight Farms lamps 22


Romper Room's marching Mickey Mouse 13

Libbey glasses 25

Hamilton Beach cooker 44

West Bend pizza maker 32



1981 Superball


Get it rollin’

You have won $60,000 in Super Ball!


Columbia's 300 Yellow Dot bowling ball 49

Devilbiss vaporizer 16

Ekco Baker's Secret 29

Makita Polisher 128


Fisher-Price Discovery Globe 37

Makita polisher 128

Sarah Coventry 58

West Bend Oven Up 45


Sarah Coventry 58

Dazey Hard Hat 66

Essex comforter 110

Hoover vacuum 150


Bissell sweeper 49

Kinney shoes 23

Presto corn popper 47

American Tourister luggage 110



1983 Plinko


Lucky Chips

Plinko 1983 : Win $15,000 or more in a Plinko game (Local multiplayer).


American made canister set 54

Bed Sack Queen Sized 32

Bissell’s Double Action Floor Sweeper 45

Black and Decker’s DustBuster Cordless Vac 35

Bushnell 7X 35 mm camera 80

Children’s Fashion European Jacket 28

Ekco knife set with solid mahogany wood 43

Ekco’s Baking Kitchen Set 29

Farberware Open Hearth Broiler Rotisserie 85

Fire Islander sportswear 22

GE electronic digital scale 50

GE portable AC/DC cassette recorder 33

GE stainless knife 26

Haggar slacks 30

Hamilton Beach Burst of Steam Iron 46

Hamilton Beach’s Deluxe Drink Master 50

Hoover’s Portapower Vacuum 80

Kodamatic 960 instant camera 78

Lucite wall paint 16

Mary Kay’s Cosmetic 71

McCormick Schilling Spices 50

Mr. Meat Smoker 85

Nail Buffs 30

Norelco 12-cup Ready Brew 67

Norelco Clean Air Machine 25

Presto’s Popcorn Now 34

Regina’s Electric Broom 75

Richmond Cedar 5-quart freeze 40

Seth Thomas fireplace clock 70

Skowhegan six-player deluxe croquet set 60

Smoothie Mixer (Something like that) 30

True Value 22-piece multi-socket Tool Set 28

Vollrath Baking Pans 32

Vollrath stainless steel kitchenware 30

Wahl’s cordless personal trimmer 17

Washington Forge tableware 60

West Bend’s automatic skillet 76

West Bend’s Stir Crazy Automatic Caramel Corn Maker 55



1984 Golden Road


Somewhere over the rainbow

You have won $50,000 in Golden Road 1984!


Whirlpool Washer and Dryer 875

Armstrong bedroom group 1729

Toyota van 17938


Trion air cleaner 268

New bar set 3865

Jeep Cherokee 12346


Quasar TV 420

Handsome secretary 1270

Corvette 22711


Algoma Net luggages 305

Everett piano 2590

Cadillac Fleetwood 22958


Stereo console 784

TRAC-14 catamaran 3459

25' motorhome 24989


Hope chest 370

Story and Clark piano 2795

Corvette 22711


Sylvania video disc player 749

Murrey and Sons pool table 1495

Chrysler Covertible LeBaron 16138


Pearl Grandfather Clock 850

Corsican baker's rack 1035

Subaru DL Wagon 10541


Camel tent and sleeping bags 479

Cabaret piano 3940

Subaru VL 10431


Chinon 35mm camera 562

Handsome secretary 1270

Cadillac Fleetwood 23253


Maytag Jet Clean dishwasher 620

Desk 1079

Dodge Shadow 10725


Sewing machine 789

Ayers/Chairmakers Peacock living room set 3860

Mustang GLC Convertible 14625



1985 Walk of Fame



You have won $20,000 in Walk Of Fame!


Presto Deep Fryer 42

Computer 582

Drawer 1270

Capor Vet speed boat 4455


Ice cream maker 40

La-Z-Boy recliner 539

Swinger pool table 800

Kohler Spa 4148


Waffle maker 40

Scanner-radio 400

Underwater equipment 1283

Trac 14 speedster 3500


Water purifier 50

Home computer 582

Dacor range 1150

Wurlitzer Australa Jukebox 2953


T-Fal wok 30

Hardwick microwave oven 656

Galaxy Design rug 1299

Chevrolet Sprint Hatchback Coupe 6717


Electric Drill 35

Stiga's ping pong table 825

Tin Lizzie 1910 1990

Nissan Centra E 7449


Presto jumbo griddle 64

Skyway luggages 813

Drop-front secretary 1600

Linnegan Modular Comfort sofa 2780


Kodamatic camera 78

Tappan dishwasher 429

Sarah Grass Sweeping Motion art 1600

BP John Galleria bedroom group 2289


Electric Broom 75

Compton's Encyclopedia 699

Remo five piece drum set 1592

Trip to New England 3536


True value steel blades 30

Delta juvenile furniture 918

Wesley Allen bed 1670




1986 Hole in One


My name is Tiger

You have won $40,000 in Hole in One!


Chicken Vienna Sausage 0.53

Tootsie Roll Pops 0.99

Ponds cream pump 3.49

Long Nails 6.4


Herdez Salsa 0.59

Hershey's Syrup 0.99

White Rain shampoo 1.49

Balileo deli-style 2.29


Playtex gloves 2.42

Junior Mints 0.49

Remegel antacid 0.83

Rice A Roni Long Grain & Wild Rice 1.39


Press on Nails 5.99

Cutex nail polish remover 1.19

Herdez Salsa 0.99

Tootsie Rolls 1.89


Toast'Em 0.89

Hormel Chili with Beans 0.65

Soft Sense 2.95

Denture Retainer 3.95


Kleenol spot remover 4.79

Press on Nails 5.99

Toast'em 0.89

Sunny Delight 1.29




1991 Cliffhanger


On the Edge

You have won Cliff Hangers being on the 25th step! That was close!


Sun Beam Total Clean can opener 35

Play Skool deluxe baby monitor 18

Boston Electric Pencil Sharpener 25


Toastmaster waffle-baker 55

Osterizer Liquefier Blender 40

Hoover Double Duty Wet and Dry Hand Vac 40


Gitano 20

Superseal Healthy Lifestyle Poultry Cooker 13

Libman Wonder Mop 10


Maxum electric crepe maker 40

Mr. Stove 30

Plasti-Kote paint 15


Hoover vacuum 40

ShowerTek mirror 39

Botany 500 jacket 40


RinseNVac 5 33

McGregor Jacket 30

Proctro Silex toaster 35


Sun Beam Steam Valet 30

Pomerantz Spice Rack 30

Shave in Shower razor 26


Spencer's clothing 20

Black & Decker's handy mincer chopper 25

Spencer's clothing 18


Brut 12

Roll-O-Matic Combo 15

Mr. Stove 30


Brut 12

Sonic AM/FM stereo clock 35

Play Skool deluxe baby monitor 48


Garfield desk lamp 45

Singer's blender 49

Kiwi Shoe Kit 33


Soap Opera Challenge 16

Spencer's clothing 20

Kiwi Shoe Kit 33


Labyrinth 13

Jewelry cleaner 30

Toaster 35



1992 Magic #


It’s a Kind of Magic

You have won $10,000 in Magic Number!


Gibson gas range 719

Berkline's Chestnut Hill living room sofa 1320


Wooden Trunk 623

Flexsteel sofa 1338


Oneida Silversmith party service 615

Magic Chef microwave range 1500


Bestar Daytona One car bed 698

Maytag washer and dryer 1169


Kings Creek Love Seat 945

Home theatre 31" console TV 1799


Toy Man of Spartan rocking horse 1400

Honda Nighthawk 2299


Oneida Silversmith party service 615

American of Martinsville Echelon Eollection 1539


Tea service set 485

Baldwin Piano's grandfather clock 1803


Kosta Boda's stemware 792

Flexsteel sofa 1363


Bassett's dining set 975

Malm Fireplace 1695


Dinette set 999

Aquafin 1695


Mario Industries lamps 908

Stereo system 1875




1993 Cover Up[/size] (Thanks o H Y D R 4 o)


The Clairvoyant

You have won Cover Up on your first guess!


Thunderbird= $15933

Ford Probe= $14876

Mitsubishi Prices= $10192

Plymouth Sundance Duster= $11530

Tracer Mercury= $12332

Jeep Wrangler S= $12865

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1996 CheckOut


A Nickel Away

You have won Check Out with a difference of $0.05 or less!


Level 2000 1.73

Xylitol 0.89

Pine Sol 1.39

American's Best Popcorn 1.99


Caress 2.64

Eggland's Best 2.99

ChapStick 1.86

Reese's 2.89


Scott's Plant Food 2.99

Aquafresh Sensitive 1.96

Chef Boyardee 0.69

Crunch 'n Munch 1.09


Hot Pocket 2.49

Dove 2.11

Robitussin Cough Drops 1.59

Bayer Aspirin 2.77


Enchant Sweetner 1.99

Glade Plug In 2.59

Klondike Sundae 2.69

Chapstick Ultra 1.87


Fiber One 3.28

Hot Pocket 2.49

Snuggle 2.03

Tootsie Roll 1.29


Clorox Toilet Bowl Cleaner 1.59

Banana Twins 1.09

Glade Plug In 2.59

Tootsie Roll 1.29


Xylifresh 0.89

Scott's Plant Food 2.99

Klondike Ice Cream Bars 3.39

Bayer Aspirin 2.77


Pedisilk 2.99

ChapStick 1.86

Rust Gun 1.79

Healthy Choice Popcorn 2.19


Static Guard 1.69

Glade Plug In 2.59

100% Bran 3.31

Scott's Plant Food 2.99


Klondike Ice Cream Bars 3.39

Pam spray 2.39

OsCal 14.59

Ultra Clorox 2 6.99



1997 It's in the Bag



You have won $40,000 in It's in the Bag!


Heath Chocolate Bar 0.55

Dentyne Gum 0.45

Surf Detergeant 5.61

Jolly Time Popcorn 1.29

Sunbeam…Bread? 1.49


Garlique 9.99

ALL detergeant 2.57

Hills Bros Coffee 4.49

Jolly Time Popcorn 1.29

Os Cal 14.59


Doublemint Gum 0.25

Centrum Silver 9.49

Robitussin 0.82

Fruit Cookies 1.39

100% Bran 3.31


Caress Soap 2.13

Quaker Toasted Oatmeal 3.19

Lifesaver 0.59

Roots & All 13.99

PediSilk 2.99


Big Red Gum 0.25

Centrum Silver 9.49

Bruce's Yams 1.19

Dove Soap 2.14

American's Best Popcorn 1.99


Robitussin Cough Drops 0.83

All Detergeant 5.17

Bruce's Yams 1.19

DeWitt's Pills 3.54

Ultra Clorox 2 6.99


1998 Plinko


Drop it like it’s hot

Plinko 1998 : Win $30,000 or more in one Plinko game on Xbox LIVE (any game mode).


Car jumper 25

Mini Grill 80

Chemistry set 45

Crock pot 25


Conair's More Big Curls 41

Eight Piece cookware 60

Calculator 50

The Little Mermaid 27


Cup-at-a-Time coffee maker 25

Vaporizer 17

Teaching game 45

Electric air pump 25


Libman's mop 10

Boggle 13

Disney's Hercules 27

Garden tool set 30


Car jumper 25

Guitar 23

Canister set 50

Chemistry set 45


Hoover Vacuum 70

Lighted make-up mirror 35

Plasti-Kote 30

Waffle maker 55


Libman's mop 10

Tea kettle 33

Scrabble 11

Globe 40


Pressure cooker 50

Victorian mirror 22

Men In Black 21

Con Air's straightener 30


Game of Knowledge 25

The Little Mermaid 27

Circulon 12" round grill pan 40

Teaching Tunes guitar 45


Boggle 13

Silver photo screen (8 pictures) 30

Vaporizer 17

Professional slicer-shredder 55


Carpet Cleaning Kit 35

Game of Knowledge 25

Durasteel watch 85

Jewelery box 60



1999 3 Strikes



You have won 3 Strikes 1999 without misplacing any number!


Toyota Celica 12738

Ford Ranger XL 4x2 12890

Chevy Prism 14270

Camaro z28 18965

Mercury Tracer 12437

Plymouth Duster 12645



2001 Bonkers


Time to Go Bonkers!

You have won Bonkers on your first attempt!


Computer and cabinet 3696

Gazebo 6800

Laser Star Starglow CD Jukebox 6495

Trip to Scotland (six-night stay) 7139

Trip to Canada (Vancouver) 3248



2005 Golden Road


The pot of gold

You have won $200,000 in Golden Road 2005!


Pathfinder luggage set 845

Whirlpool washer and dryer 1528

Corvette Coupe 53280


Carson's of High Point wine server cart 914

Beachcomber Hot Tub 6415

Winnebago Vista 23K Motor Home 94135


Carousel horse reproduction 730

Honda CRF-100 motorcycle 2371

Corvette Convertible 67128


Trash compactor 589

Supple-Pedic Bed (Banana leaves and flower buds) 4870

Pontiac Grand Am SE Sedan 18030


California Pak luggage set 793

Little Miss Beverly Jeannie Kasem crib 2359

Lexus GS350 47513


Oneida flatware 750

Yamaha Phazer Snowmobile 6598

Honda Accord Sedan LX 21847


Oneida flatware (46 pieces) 843

Furniture of America dinette set 2345

Larson Cabrio 240 mid cabin cruiser 70310


Farberware cookware 587

Intimate Gardener Nantucket Rockers 1539

Cadillac XLR Convertible 76958


ESP Guitar 849

Wesley Allen Platform bed 2937

Winnebago Outlook 25 Motor Home 80973


Lord of the Rings chess set 495

Carousel horse reproduction 3576

Dodge Viper SRT10 Convertible 85694


Carson's of High Point wine server cart 813

Pulsaki Furniture Bed 5812

Four Winds 248 Vista Cabin Cruiser 81243


Ashley Dinette set 591

Johnston Casuals bar set 2940

Winnebago View 23H 80423



2009 3 Strikes (Thanks to CanadianBacon)


No strikes

You have won 3 Strikes 2009 without drawing any X chip!


Cadillac 34980

Oldsmobile Alero 21483

Lincoln Towncar (Diner in the back) 41970

Lincoln Towncar 42890

Cadillac Catera 34980

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OTHER GAME PRICES AND SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN PRICES (Will take a long time to complete this list. Any help would be greatly appreciated)


1972 Showcase Bonus Game

Burner base

Kimball organ

25" Admiral TV 2265


Roller skates

Exercise bicycle

Mazda 808 sedan 2504



Mogen David wines

Glastron's V148 Beau Jack 2554


World Book encyclopedia

Yashica's movie camera

Arkla barbeque and outdoor furniture 5607


Cypress Gardens Skis

Glastron G 156 Sportster

Shoreline boat trailer 3216


Levitz living room

Blue Lustre carpet shampoo

Spiegel Catalog grandfather clock 1663


Ross Euro Sport bicycles

Chevrolet Nova Coupe

S&H Green Stamps TV 3291


Glastron DT 150

Shoreline boat trailer

Haggar slacks 3190


Levitz Dining Room set

Revere Ware cookware

Sohmer piano 2616


Scottsdale, Arizone (one week)


Spiegel Catalog Company Golf Clubs 3129


Broyhill Premier dining room

Masland's Inner Circle Carpeting

Optigan music maker 2217


Bassett bedroom set


Story and Clark piano 10649


1973 Showcase Money Game

Broyhill living room set

Viscount organ

Chevy Chevelle Malibu 11322


Blistex cosmetics

Trip to Tahiti

Scuba equipment 2221


Trip to Europe

Argus camera

Yankee Motorcycle 2021


Trip to Europe

American Tourister luggage

Argus camera and projector 1932


Tappan refrigerator

Broyhill bedroom

Phone Mate answering machine 1956


Trip to Europe

Argus camera

Hardwick Range 2071


1974 Showcase Race Game

Broyhill dining room

Capehart stereo

Kimball Spinnet piano 2554


Tootsie Pops

Turco playground equipment

Buick Century 3271


Radio, telephone, air conditioner

Chevrolet Nova Coupe

Turtle Wax gift pack 3182


Mr. Coffee coffee maker

Broyhill living room set

Kimball Spinet piano 2443


Trip to Catalina

Trip to Hawaii

Trip to Australia 2911


Wolkswagen camper

Old Town canoe

Ross Euro Sport Deluxe bikes 6189


1975 Showcase Ten Chances


Pop-Up TV

1973 Karmann Ghia convertible 3743


Sewing machine


Gremlin 5330


Trip to Morocco

Emser International oriental carpet

Fresher king-sized bed 5895


Null Incorporated bar set

Westinghouse refrigerator

25" color TV 3509


Trip to Rome

Bauer Bath redwood tub

Triumph Spitfire 10222


Adrimal 25" TV

Maytag washer and dryer

Pillow Power sofa 3296


1976 Showcase Hurdles

Sunshine Brass Beds

Westinghouse washer and dryer

Indian Emmy 145 motorcycle 5261


Pillow Power 7' Patchwork Sofa

Gibson Food Master Refrigerator

Barrington Waterbed 3701


Sun Ray Range

Wurlitzer piano

Nimbus water bed 2768


Alpfa Wood's children's bed set

White Furniture bedset

Serta bed 3977


Fire Drum fireplace

Speed Queen washer and dryer

Delicious Furniture bed

Home entertainment system 2959


Flexsteel's Nantucket Sofa

Refrehment Center Refrigerator

Philco TV Stereo

Sunshine Brass Beds 3444


Alpfa Woods dining set

Walter Carpet Mills carpeting

25" color TV 5247



Serta bed

Admiral 25" TV 4377


Flexsteel Sofa

Fire Drum fireplace

Vespa Chow bicycle 3643


Trend Grandfather Clock

Maytag washer-dryer

Dumas Brothers sofa and chair 3424


1977 Showcase Professor Price

Hamery Living room

Cambrige Carpet

Filter Queen vacuum

??? 3495


Murrey & Sons Pool table

Whirlpool washer and dryer


Philco Entertainment center 3705


Game set

Hardwick Stove range

Seeburg jukebox 4516


DeSoto dining room

Down's carpet

Road Ranger trailer 7711


Seven piece bedroom set

TV and radio

KIT Road Ranger 1977 7920



Muskin swimming pool

Trip to London 5297


1978 Showcase Punch a Bunch


Trip to Colorado


Barnacle Bill's Boat 13863



Trip to Alaska

Barnacle Bill's Boat 15567



Amana Refrigerator

Wesley Allen daybed

Cable baby grand piano 7370


Bedroom set

Monarch's carpeting

Wurlitzer butterfly grand piano 4142


Gottlieb Pinball Table

Schaffer Bros. Den

Airway Sanitizer mar-5 Cleaning system 5352


Richardson Bros. Dining room set

Patcraft 1st Impression carpet

Philco Home entertainment system w/ 25" tv 3684


Amana refrigerator

25" TV

Wurlitzer organ 5982


Broyhill water bed with night stand

Wal-Vac vacuum cleaning system

Wurlitzer piano 4275


Broyhill living room

Wal-vac vacuum cleaner

Benelli Phantoms 5644


Waterbed with two nightstands

JC Penny washer and dryer

Wurlitzer piano 4515


Broyhill living room

Trip to Rome

Hanimex movie camera and projector 6008


Water bed with nightstand

Paole and Share party table

Home entertainment system with 25" TV 5225


1979 Showcase Penny Ante

DeSoto dining room

Downs Carpeting

20' Road Ranger 7711


Murrey and Sons Pool Table


Philco 25" color TV 3705


Richardson Brother dining room

Patcraft carpeting

Philco 25" TV and entertainment 3684


Humas Brothers living room

Filter Queen cleaning system

Aeolian piano 4395


Broyhill living room

Trip to Greece

Airway luggages 6438


Stained glass headboard

Amana refrigerator-freezer

Aeolian piano 6369

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1980 Showcase Now and Then

Trip to Tahiti (six-night stay)

SSkyway’s luggage set

BP John Galleria bedroom group 5388


America the Elegant waterbed

Oak buffet

Lowrey organ 6743


Singer child bedroom

BP John bedroom group

Riviera hot tub 10525


25" TV

Castello fencing equipment

Trip to France 7229


Trip to England

Trip to Japan

21' AMF 2100 sailboat 19769


1981 Showcase Super Ball!!

Lowrey Debut Horn Organ

Maytag washer and dryer

Chevette hatchback 10218


One ounce bar gold

Honda 650 cc motorcycle

Trip to Tahiti 5829


Viking Sauna wine credenza

Bryohill dining room

Ford Escort L 10815


Roper range

Bassett dining room

Viking Sauna wine credenza 7322


Hastings bathtub

Bales Furniture bedroom

Wurlitzer piano 9093


Roper range

Double secretary

Chromcraft dinette set 8360


1982 Showcase Check Out

Trip to Florida

Trip to US Virgin Islands

Trip to Spain 8826


Fire Engine bunk bed


Kohler Antique bathtub 7264


Flower wagon bunk bed

Vaughan-Bassett bedroom

Lowrey Mardi Gras organ 6983


Trip to Venice

Video camera and recorder

15' West Wight Potter sailboat 9797


Amana refrigerator

Murrey and Sons pool table

Cable Baby Grand Piano 9395


Pfaff sewing machine

Trip to Mexico

Rally 150 ski boat 11696


Clayton Marcus living room

Hoover's vacuum

Starcraft trailer 8219


Bryohill dining room

Queen Carpeting

Riviera hot tub 5347


Chromcraft bar set

Ariens lawnmower

Komfort Lite Trailer 9924


Ventura luggages

Vaughn Bassett bedroom

19" color TV 8194



Muntz Electronics projection TV

American Motors Eagle 11914

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thanks i usually enjoy price is right but going back and time and trying to think of what something cost in that decade was super annoying


heres some i didnt see on your list:


constant row:


trampoline 828

whirlpool washer dryer 875


show case:



round up arcade machine

pool table





keller dining room

dining set

bar set



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thanks i usually enjoy price is right but going back and time and trying to think of what something cost in that decade was super annoying


heres some i didnt see on your list:


constant row:


trampoline 828

whirlpool washer dryer 875


show case:



round up arcade machine

pool table





keller dining room

dining set

bar set




Do you know what decade they are from?

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Not sure if you're making a complete list or not but,

I just started, here's what I have so far:


1973 Money Game


Contestants Row:

Hancock Redwood Outdoor Furniture $758

Round Trampoline Fun Machine $818


Money Game:

Chevy Vega $2,5??





1975 Ten Chances


Contestants Row:

Tappan Double-Oven Gas Range $360



Ten Chances:

Liberty Slacks x2 $36





1978 Punch-A-Bunch


Contestants Row:

Amana Trash Compactor $280


Punch-a-Bunch: (you have it),

Romper Room's Marching Mickey Mouse $13

Libbey glasses $25

Hamilton Beach cooker $44

West Bend pizza maker $32


then I got these showcases:



Gottlieb Pinball Table

Pool Table

BlackJack machine

Schaffer Bros. Den

Cambridge Carpet

Airway Sanitizer mar-5 Cleaning system $5,352


Richardson Bros. Dining room set

Fine Arts rose China

Patcraft 1st Impression carpet

Philco Home entertainment system w/ 25" tv $3684



1980 Now & Then


Contestants Row:

Aquarium Coffee Table $595

PFAFF's Topmatic Sewing Machine $698



Now & Then:

Agree Shampoo $1.69NOW

Princella yams $.87THEN

Hormel Chili $.59THEN

Borax $1.99NOW




1987 Pathfinder


Contestants Row:

Olhausen Pool table $1,495

Whirlpool Gas range $861

Bar & barstool set $1,086



Soundesign Sports Radio $50


Dodge Shadow $7,983




Alley Master Video Bowling

Black & Decker Power Tools

Toyota 4x4 SR5 $18,114



Marantz Audio System

Honda Aero Motor Scooter

Quicksilver GT Ultralight Plane $14,363




1988 Spelling Bee


Contestants Row:

Wesley Allen bed w/ Morgan floatation system $1,670


Spelling Bee:

Eureka Quick-Up $50

West Bend Oven-Up $45

Fisher Price Globe $37


Prize was a Jeep Cherokee but I lost.




1989 Grocery Game


Contestants Row:

Casa Blanca Ceiling Fan/Light $500

Michael C. Fina Wall Clock $400

Trak Inc. His/Hers Ski Equipt. $435

White Westinghouse Electric range $845



Grocery Game:

Klutch Denture Powder $1.46 ea.

Tootsie Pops $.99 ea.

Sunbelt Granola $1.39 ea.

Success Rice $1.29 ea.





2002 Penny Ante


Contestants Row:

Kelty Camping Equipt. $1,010


Penny Ante:

Brita Fill & Go System $7.99

Citrucel $12.??




2006 Pass the Buck


Contestants Row:

Doughboy Swimming Pool $2,974

ComfortLine Spa in a Box $995

Murry feiss Mirror/Console Table $1,164



Pass the Buck:

Robitussin Vit.C. Throat Drops $1.59

Nestle Treasures Chocolate $2.99

Phillips Fiber Caps $2.49

Dannon Spring water $3.99

Francesco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce $1.99

Quaker Strawberry Oatmeal $4.49





Crawford Living Room Sectional

Galileo Table Group

Hybernia Woolen Mills carpet

Beam Central Cleaning System

Runco 42" plasma Flatscreen TV $16,670



Royal Doultan Dinnerware

Trip to Ireland

Chrysler Crossfire $42,088





2007 Dice Game


Contestants Row:

His & hers Tennis Equiptment $838

Howard Miller Floor Clock $3891(I might have missed this by $100)


Dice Game:

Chrysler PT Cruiser $16,526




Garden Equiptment

Victoria Cruise Lines to China

Hotel Tiberio trip to Rome $13,924



C&J Custom Dining set

Wilton Armetele Silverware

Olevia 27" LCDTV

Sundance Ultima Spa $20,157



2008 Gas Money


Contestants Row:

Honda CMX250 Rebel $3,399


Gas Money:

Pontiac Solstice $25,358




2010 Rat Race


Contestants Row:

Kawasaki KX100 $3,349

F2 Golf Clubs $1,353

WakeKite Wakeboard & WakeKite $1,539

Camping set/tent/bench $916

His/Hers Burberry Watches $1,390


Rat Race:

Milano Cookies $3

Colored Coffee maker $30

Upright Vacuum $300

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I've been playing this on the PS3, and been using this guide. The prices have been the same on both systems so far, and heres some more that haven't been posted yet.


Contestants Row

1972 GE compactor $230

1974 convertible sofa $400

1976 Amana Touckmatic Range (microwave) $595

1977 Collaga Coffee Table $550

1979 19' freezer $480

1981 Oriental desk $700

1982 golf clubs $1021

1982 washer dryer $790

1985 Apothecary chest $445

1990 microwave range $1360

1990 dinnete set $400

1992 Pair of Lamps $698

1994 Key largo double-glider $600

1994 four-panel glass screen $1850

1994 gazebo $1199

1994 archery set $1329

1995 microwave range $1399

1996 Tutto luggage $805

1997 Fireplace equipment $575

1998 8mm camcorder $979

2000 Chair and ottoman $898

2001 vanity and mirrior $837

2003 Britannica encyclopida $1205

2005 Area Rug $999

2009 Plasma HDTV 1,898



1972 Bonus game

Shick eletric razor $35

St marys blanket $100

Sheets $63

humidifier $140


1974 Race game

High back lonuge chair ?

Quoizel lighting $333

Hammond sounder organ ?

air conditioner $600


1979 penny ante

egg rolls $.79

apple sauce ?




1982 Check out

tuna helper $1.05

krackel candy bar $.79

tomato soup $.63

Rice-o-roni $.83

Archway Oatmeal cookies $1.09

Enriched Bread Dough $1.29

certs $.34




1990 Money Game

Toyota truck




2003 Coming or Going

bed set Coming (left) $2843


1982 Showcase



67" projection TV

AMC Eagle



Trip to Florida

Trip to St.Tomas

Trip to Spain



1990 Showcase


living room

vacuum cleaner

52" TV



Grandfather Clock

dune buggy

trailer camper



1993 Showcase


wine closet

old fashion bath tub




Stanley office furniture

living room set

amphibious car



1997 Showcase

25 100 dollar bills

Trip to Rio

Ford Mustang GT



Dining room set

Dinner ware

Hammond organ




1999 Showcase


home gym

exercise skier




Bunk beds

bedroom set





2000 Showcase


Ashley living room set

soda fountain

53" TV



kitchen appliances

dinning room set




2001 Showcase


Trip to New York

Trip to Japan

Ragal Boat



Dining room

Dinner ware

wine refridgeator






Copper cookware

Broyhill Dining room set

Player panio



Hampton Bedroom set





2003 Showcase




Chrysler Sebring couvertable



Hawaiian flowers

dining room set




2009 Showcase



Broyhill Dining room set

Jet ski



Krispy Kreme

Trip to Las Vegas

Pontiac Solstice



2010 Showcase


SLR Camrea Computer

Trip to Egypt

Trip to China



Trip to Napa valley

Trip to Canada

Ski Boat


Edited by Ballin404
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Not sure if you're making a complete list or not


I'm not making a complete list. Just a list of contestant's row (not really a priority), the prices for pricing games RELATED to achievements, and showcase showdowns.

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Not sure if you're making a complete list or not but,

I just started, here's what I have so far:


1973 Money Game


Contestants Row:

Hancock Redwood Outdoor Furniture $758

Round Trampoline Fun Machine $818


Money Game:

Chevy Vega $2,562



Corrected Chevy Vega


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I have taken what you have done and pieced stuff together from other sources and comments. Ill try to post it here for you. Its a little easier to read as i lumped the row, game, show case under each year. You totally use is seeing as I got most of it from you anyway

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I have taken what you have done and pieced stuff together from other sources and comments. Ill try to post it here for you. Its a little easier to read as i lumped the row, game, show case under each year. You totally use is seeing as I got most of it from you anyway


Please do post what you have done here if you can it would make it a lot easier I think to print it out and use it for the game. Please reply back with your thoughts on this subject. Thanks.

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1989 Showcase



Wine Country (US)

Wine Country (France)



Sunset Art

Patio Swing

Catalina 22 Boat



Collection of Board Games

Living Room

Catalina Spa



Living Room

32" Color TV

Satellite Dish



Las Vegas Trip

Microwave Range

Toyota MR2



Rio De Janerio Trip

Video Movie Camera

Travel Trailer


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1998 Showcase




Medeteranian Cruise




Dining Room




Ashley Living Room

Security System

Trip to Singapore



Carsons Living Room

Collection of mini clocks

Trip to Austrialia



Trip to Palm Springs

Trip to Holland

Trip to Austrailia



Set of Carving Knives


Trip to Fiji


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