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Xp Glitch!!!


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I just attempted this. Got it to work once. I tried it a second time and I got reset. Such bullshit. I'm going to be stuck at 60g for this game until they fix my stats now



I just completed this game 200/200 and I used this glitch loads and I never got reset once so I dont think this is the reason, plus alot of people are being forced to dashboard, me included because the game would freeze on the line-up screen at 1 second remaining.

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good for u bub! enjoy playing while im already playing something else more enjoyable


Some people actually enjoy playing games rather than just solely using them for gamerscore, wheres the fun in that?

What have you achieved (see what I did there? :p) from it? nothing because you ran through the game too quick to take it in and fully enjoy it.


Anyway back on topic:

As for people asking if this method will work on PC, in essence, probably no because there is no Dashboard, but you could try quickly bringing up Task Manager (ctrl+alt+del) when the countdown hits zero and ending the task of Gotham City Imposters, then reboot the game from Windows.

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good for u bub! enjoy playing while im already playing something else more enjoyable

It's sad when someone only plays a game to get the cheevos, yeah I've done it but in the end it was really a waste of my life.



Plays games you like, try to get all the cheevos but don't waste time playing a game you don't enjoy for a few cheevos

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I wish they would patch the glitch. It's getting me when I quit playing the game normally now. I let the line-up go through. Hit :bbut: a few times to back out to the main menu, then quit out of the game by choosing the exit game option from the main menu. Everytime I start up the game again, I'm a level higher. I'm sure some people would love this, but I don't wanna be sitting at 100 for like 60 games while I finish up my psych warfare wins for the background. The glitch is somehow related to levels for sure, I never noticed this happening until I was around the 70's.

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for people who had this working, were you getting a set amount of xp each time?

i did this right at level 50 and received exactly 2k xp every time since. i assumed the amount of xp would vary/increase as my overall level did but neither has happened and i'm a 54 now.


along with this, i don't need to join any matches and wait for them to finish or anything. load game up, look at my calling cards (or really anything that will cause the game to save when pressing B and going back to the main menu), go back to the main menu then dashboard and repeat. this process takes about a minute flat.


edit: when i first turn my xbox on i need to complete a match then dashboard to activate the glitch, but after that i don't need to join any more matches like i said above.

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