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Thought I'd share this :-) 6350G in Arkham

Fox Hound JD

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I picked up Arkham City on PC in the steam sale. Didn't plan on doing it twice, but couldn't pass up less than £10 for GOTY on PC. Just 6 achievements left on PC and 4 on 360 for City to join the 6850 club.


Asylum was still the better game in my opinion. Love them both though. Hoping Origin doesn't have too many online achievements as that would make it more of a pain to 100% multiple times

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Holy thread revival Batman!



Now working on Return To Arkham Asylum & City Remasters as well as Arkham Knight for an extra 4500GS so 10850 GS (excluding the Japanese 360 version) ;)



Only have about 1200GS to go as well but most of those are the hardest time consuming achievements :eek:

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Incredible. Almost 11,000 GS from one game series, really only four games just repeated across multiple platforms. The dedication on display here is incredible. Please post a result/image when you have it all done. You may be the first person to accomplish such a feat of gaming.

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