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Which Controller are you using?


Which Controller/s do you use?  

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  1. 1. Which Controller/s do you use?

    • Keyboard
    • Mouse
    • Xbox 360 Controller
    • Flight Stick

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Just wondering what peoples preferences are.


Obviously you have A LOT more control when you use the keyboard, and it is closer to a proper flight sim.


But the ease and familiarity of using an Xbox 360 controller is hard to beat.


Then there are those who have flight sticks, which means you can use the keyboard like a real control panel for the ultimate flight sim experience possible with this game (unless you have one of those machines :p ).


I currently can't even play much due to a wrist injury, but I have only used the Xbox 360 controller so far as I could not be bothered configuring my flight stick. You can do everything you need to and I think it gives the game a more arcade type feel in contrast to a true flight sim.


Which do you use?

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Nice, those customizable buttons would come in handy. Does that work with the xbox 360 console as well? I have one of these;


[ame=http://www.amazon.com/Saitek-Aviator-Flightstick-Xbox-360/dp/B001EYU1W8]Amazon.com: Saitek Aviator Flightstick for PC and Xbox 360: Electronics[/ame]



but it is more suited for the xbox. Flight recognizes it as an xbox 360 controller so it only auto-maps the basics, to the wrong buttons. It will work if I set it up myself but I can't use it anyway with my wrist as it is so I didn't bother.

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[ame=http://www.amazon.com/Saitek-X52-Flight-Control-System/dp/B00030GSJY/ref=sr_1_6?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1330662040&sr=1-6]Amazon.com: Saitek X52 Flight Control System: Electronics[/ame]


Got one of these, use to play it with FSX but maybe this would be more suited. I want a pro but will need to save the pennies. I agree this is far from the FS that was FSX but its pretty fun i was suprised how well they delt with mouse control

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I use my normal flight-kit..


HOTAS Warthog




Saitek Pro-Flight Rudder Pedals





...and I'm bitterly disappointed that, despite Naturalpoint sending the required software to the Flight team, my TrackIR v5.0 is unused...




Given that it's a flight 'game' and that in the Steerman aircraft they let you use your middle mouse wheel to control your view, it's staggering they didn't code in such a simple piece of software. TrackIR is the greatest thing to ever happen to flight sims.

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Saitek Aviator X360/PC but controls aren't well set, I have to switch beetwen M1/M2 modes couse either Axis or buttons doesn't work, think I will use normal wired X360 gamepad.

If you are using the AV8R-02 and you set it to M2 then configure the buttons yourself it works fine.


Here is my basic set-up;


Events - Option 1 - Input Actual

  • Aileron (Axis) - Left stick left/right - (push stick left/right)

  • Brakes (both) - A button - (LB)

  • Elevator (axis) - Left stick up-down - (push stick up/down)

  • Landing gear (up/down) - B button - (LSB)

  • Rudder (Axis) - Right Stick left/right - (twist stick left/right)

  • Throttle (Axis) - Right Stick up/down - (RT)

  • Throttle (Increase) - Right Bumper - (Y)

  • Throttle (Decrease) - Left Bumper - (B)


Also make sure to turn off invert joystick pitch in the control setup menu and turn on inverted camera controls in the gameplay menu.

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I'm using my old AV8R-02 from H.A.W.X which is set at M1 that works right out of the box. But i may have to try BluWolve's M2 settings see if there's any improvements over M1(defaults). Thanks! Glad I don't have to get any other flight stix for now! ;)

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I downloaded this when it was on release but forgot about it, i will be using either a 360 joypad or joystick, dont have any special flight stuff so i guess whichever works best for me i will stick with. While i dont have quite the obsession with flight games some ppl have i do have a love for them, MS flight sim (forget which year) and MS combat flight sim i spent literally days playing lol


Edit: Ok seems i lied, i forgot my joystick had some flight controls, Saitek Cyborg Evo, bought it for BF2 (none of that bad company shiz, the old PC version) i dont think ive used it since then...well i havent considering the dust i just blew off it lol


Should be fun, few beers and a plane...and my legs FIRMLY on the ground, the way i like it ;)

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I dusted off my old Sidewinder 3D Pro joystick, the only problem was that it needs a gameport connector which my current Core I7 2600K system doesn't have. So I used one of these:




And got it to work fine under Win7 64bit using CH Flightstick pro emulation. All buttons are working too, stick, rudder, throttle, POV Hat, etc. Hopefully now I can complete those darn landing challenges.

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