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Does anyone play this game anymore? I played it yesterday for the first time in over 6 months. I haven't played online in close to a year.


Anyone up for some online boosting this weekend?


GT: RexDarr


* Please, no 13 year old kids who scream in the mic's & have music blasting in the backround. It makes it very difficult to boost :p



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I had it and wish I never gotten rid of it.


About 2 years ago, me and a friend were playing the demolition derby mode and had a full room for over 2 hours. And from all over the world too. Most didn't say anything but it was a blast crashing into each other.


I know this doesn't help or answer your question but it just made me remember that day.


BTW...here's a thread you might look at on this page... "Does anyone still play this online?"

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