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Achievement Trading Thread

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I wanna try getting the Fallen Idols and Surpreme Survivors MP achievements but they require at least 7 people. If anyone is up for trying tonight, I'll be on around ~8 or 9 PM Mountain US time.


I'll also help anyone get the other killstreak achievements (if they need them) in exchange for their participation to get the 2 listed above. Just message me.



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Fallen idols n supreme survivors only require 5 people to do.. Just have 1 guy on the other team and swap players at the end of the round. Can easily be done in about 15 or so mins.. I did it last night with no problem.. Apocalypse is probably a better stage for both achives. Cause u can go on a roof top by the gas station n just kill everyone right there. The people who are waiting to get killed just watch the steps so no zombies take your kill while someone is bleeding..

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Hey guys, I'll be on this tonight. Trying to get the Survivors one, and the Heroes one. Will need a team of five.. should have one or two others with me. So, if you'll be on tonight ( around ten hours from this post for me ) , then please send me a FR. Lets do this :woop:


Gametag :::::::::::: IXXI V1RU5 IXXI

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I'm in need of help with Fallen Idols, Supreme Survivors and Like a Bee. I'll be on all day up until around midnight (I'll be offline around 4 or 5 PM EST to move my 360, then I'll be right back online). I don't have a group yet, and I've lost my turtle beaches > 360 cable and am still trying to find it. >:


Feel free to add me if you feel like boosting. We'll need 6 more people (Not including yourself) for two of the achievements.


Thanks in advanced! GT - Fuhrerprinzip

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No need to boost really. You can get all achievements in a Private Match with just one other person.


Really? Fucking awesome. I hate MP achievements with a passion, it's bloody fantastic to know that I don't need to worry about that.

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I'm making a new GT (I do this every year; I'm too cheap to pay for a name change so I just wait till my time's up, and make a new account), so I don't know what the name will be just yet.


That said, I want to get three people who are legitimately dedicated to 100% this game, to team up with. The plan would be to start with the MP achievements, onto the S+ on the hardest difficulties, and then go from there with whatever we feel like doing on any given day.


A mic wouldn't be required, per say, but you need to at least be able to hear us. Nor do you need to be amazing, but please, for the love of God, don't run into thirty zombies going "LOLOLOL WATCH THIS GUISE, I'M GUNNA KNYFE THEM ALL!"


If anyone's interested, quote this message and just add yourself to this list;


1) Me (GT to be announced :p)








I'll add you guys as soon as I settle on a name (will be done by tonight, at the absolute latest) and we'll get it started!

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