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I cannot beat Shao Kahn in UMK3

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I've tried using Sub Zero and Sindel and watching videos on youtube and everything. Nothing works. I've tried over a hundred times til my hands hurt. He's just too overpowered. Whatever attack he does just cancels out what you're doing no matter what. It's stupid.

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Ok, I guess ill reveal my secret LOL. Pick Liu Kang against Shao Khan and keep doing low fireballs. He will shoot into the air with his high knee charge, when he comes down it will basically be on top of you so you immediately uppercut him and repeat low fireball/uppercut. He will hit you with the hammer and kill you alot. This wont work the first time it will take many matches before he falls into the rhythm of falling on you and hitting him with the uppercut but give or take maybe 10-12 matches and it will work no problem. Ive done it on the ps3 as well as the xbox and it works perfect everytime. :woop:

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I had trouble with him on the stand alone UMK 3 that is on the market place as well but he seems easier in this one for some reason. When you are playing as Sub-Zero (unmasked) are you doing the freeze then uppercut strategy? Check the video below starting at the 1:07 mark.


[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LEz8x91eBw]UMK3 Shao Kahn is beatable - YouTube[/ame]


I know you said you watched youtube videos but this one works for me every time. You will get hit and it may take more than one try but this is the best way I've found to beat him.


Edit: Whoops sorry I didn't realise this topic was a good few months old but hopefully it'll help people out none the less.

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