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Is the NTSCJ version hard to understand/read while playing?


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i love this game and thinking about getting the jap version of it so the cheeves stack.....but wasnt sure how hard it will be to understand it. I 1ked the US version and wanted to do the same for this. Im sure the tactics ect are the same but are the cards hard to read to win games, not knowing a word of jap

Please inform.....thanks

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Finally got my copy of the game, and just want to let everyone know, that if you have played the US version, then this will come easy to you! The text for descriptions of all cards are in Jap, but if you remember what each creature does, you will have no problem beating this! Im in the process of the campaign and havent had much of an issue, but I will be looking for a core group of boosters soon to start the online portion of this

Msg me anytime

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