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Prologue achievement/sine mora


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Maybe you are still touching the sides of the tunnel somewhere. One of the silly things about the game is that its really really hard to tell if you have hit anything. Im guessing you are missing a turret somewhere or you are hitting you tail on a wall somewhere. Have not heard of any achievments glitching.

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The achievement isn't glitchy. You pick the Advanced route, and then you destroy every turret you see in the tunnel. Don't use Speed Up ALL the time, use it only in the trickiest situations, like going up or down a tunnel. On a straight path it's fine to just go at a normal pace. Some of the turrets are hidden in some corners that you need to fly up or down to while slowing down time. The achievement unlocks after you finished the Prologue.

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Sometimes when you have to fly down the tunnel, try to keep yourself on the right-side of the screen, as your shots don't affect some turrets after they get "hidden" by the moving wall.


Also, don't forget to destroy all the enemies BEFORE the tunnel.

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