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Stearman Landing achievement

Death Snakes

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Anyone have this not unlock on their xbox profile? Got the achievement but won't go onto my profile, thought only dailies were glitched now :/


Anyone got a fix or do we have to wait for another patch?




If anyone has any glitched achievements i'll show how i did it.

After xbox support told me they were aware of glitches and to wait for another patch I did a little digging into the files


Make sure you are signed out of windows live/Ms flight first.


Users>[name]>Appdata>local>micorosoft>xlive>content>E0000155392A3FD6>FFFE07D1>000100000>E0000155392A3FD6_MountPt (might be slightly different for others)


Then delete 4D5308D2.gpd (This temporarily holds all the achievements for the game)


Now restart Ms flight, sign in and you should unlock all achievements you have already unlocked straight away.


This should work for most achievements that are currently stuck and won't go onto the profile.


EDIT2: Also seems to have removed the 2nd XP grinder achievement and is showing the normal 32.


EDIT3: In case anyone was wondering, this does NOT fix the aerocache glitch.

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Hahahaha, I did this to fix the damned second XP Grinder and now it says I have unlocked 55 out of 32 achievements in Flight with a total Gamerscore of 1660 in Flight. When I look at the list, though, it correctly shows 30 out of 32. Funny!


(Restarting the game fixes this)


Also, when looking through some of the other files in this folder out of boredom, there is one called 4D5308AB (1008KB) that contains all the achievements for Gears 3. What? Or does this folder contain information on all achievements associated with your account?

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