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why is this game getting such bad reviews?

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I am taking on the final chapter of the main story now (not buying DLC now, $20 is simply too much; Got the game for $7 from Gamefly around Christmas).


The game's average and nothing special, but I still like it a lot. It's riddled with flaws, so in a technical sense, yes, it's a 'bad game', but I'm still having fun, and that's all that I really care about. Playing on Normal, and by myself, so I imagine it will be more frustrating on Vet/Pro with the AI, and I imagine it is MORE fun with other people, but for my money spent, I am enjoying it.


I grew up with Resident Evil, so I know there are plot holes (and some are glaringly obvious while others less so) and I have issues with how shitty the original characters look (however I think Wolfpack and the zombies/eneies look great, so what the hell happened where characters like Leon and Nicholai got all fat and ugly?), but I dunno. I think I just grew to be more accepting of things as I grew up (I say this as if 25 is 'grown up').


I like it for what it is. It's not at the top of any BEST OF 2012 lists for me, but I still think it's a nice game and I am proud to own it as a Resident Evil fan, if only for the fact I always wanted a HUNK game, and Vector is close enough.

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i know a lot of people hated on this game, but i feel like i got my money's worth. yes this game is far from being perfect, it did have alot of frustrating bugs and a techno soundtrack that was obviously composed by Paul WS Anderson but to say its complete crap is totally off base.


Controls were decent not the greatest but after a couple of missions they didn't bother me at all and ill go as far to say this game had the best Knife mechanics out of the whole series.


Cover system was fine, a little buggy sometimes but it was fine.


Another popular grip is that the AI in this game are retarted, which i dismiss because AI is always crap or mediocre at best, and i never played a single game where the AI partners were perfect or didnt get on your nerves from time to time.But i will admit that in this game they were noticeably stupid at times, especially when they would constantly stand in front of you while your shooting but hey at least u can bring them back whenever you want with no penalty so that was nice. Occasionally yea they would take your shit but it wasn't so terrible. People want a perfect AI but then you would complain that has no challenge because they will mow down everyone.


I Also feel that alot of the people who complain about the AI dont realize that this game wasnt really meant to play solo, sure you could do it but i felt like this game was ment to play with friends or other people as a team setting up. I played through the game with buddy a bunch of times and even did S+ together and we were more then capable of handling the game and had alot of fun despite the bugs.


Graphics wise sure there's a noticeable drop off from RE 5 and 6 but they weren't terrible and they captured the proper atmosphere of Rac city.


i think alot of people rip on this game because they think its another RE 4 type game but then when they play it get their hopes up (just like playing re 5 & 6 but thats a conversation for another day). I came into this hoping it would be like RE Outbreak so i wasn't terrible let down. ill admit the story was pretty weak but it was still nice to see familiar faces ( WHOO HUNK) and being inside Rac City again. that being said the game was ridiculously short and i feel like if they included the DLC chapters in the main game at launch then it would have been at the right length but thats a typical CAPCOM move so it doesn't surprised me that they did that.


As a side note i think the DLC missions were better then the actual game because they introduced new mechanics that were a refreshing change


The Muiltplayer modes to me was actually really fun compared to the crap that RE 5 and RE 6 put out. I liked Biohazard mode, Heroes Mode was one of my favorite modes and more interesting then typical Death match, and i really liked survivors mode concept where your just trying to survive and then its a complete and very tense adrenaline pumping free for all to make it to the chopper at the end. the only thing i didnt really like about MP was the lack of 4th Hero on the Villan side they should have thrown in Wesker instead of the helicopter pilot.


at the end of the day i can say that i enjoyed and had a shit ton more fun playing Rac City then i did when i played RE6





and heres to hope for a sequel



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I don't know why this game gets so much hate. I actually enjoyed playing this with 3 friends, sure its not a typical Resident evil game but it was fun or at least I thought so. Now Resident evil 6 that was terrible.

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