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Coming out 27th April in UK on PC & X360

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That's odd. I bought the game mid April here in Australia. I'm yet to play it though. Been waiting for another friend to get it so I'm not alone :p
Its not available on GFWL/360/PS3 in UK or US. Some EU regions got it Dec 2010 (Germany/Poland/Russia I think but most did not). Now its been put back again until 29th June (3rd release delay so unsure it will ever come out in some regions!!). That's why online is sparse few players have this game right now but you can see plenty of 360/GFWL players have a pirated copy according to the leaderboards OOPS!! I guess they did not expect an 18 months delay (unlikely all non released regions players imported a copy is it!!).


The shame of it is that the GFWL demo showed some excellent gfx & an easy to pick up & play arcade gameplay style so it would sell well if only they could release the game in all regions :confused:

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