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XP boosting better with 2 copies or with a partner


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I have got a 2nd copy, would boosting alone with a dummy be quicker than with someone else?


I have read that you gain more xp the higher level your opponents are, but if i am doing it with a 2nd car not finishing its level will always be 1 therefore no added benefit.


Does anyone know the xp differences based on the partners level? And what is the xp for the 2nd placed player using the montreal 19 races method with 10 legend ai?



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I did most of the boosting with a second copy

And it took the 30 hours the guide said. If anything I think it is quicker because you get first place everytime. Just rubberband the second controller

So it crashes every time. I memorized the button sequences for the second controller so I didn't have to go back and forth between inputs on my tv. Very easy when you get the hang Of it.

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